November Favourites | 2015

I cant even remember the last time I did a monthly favourites. You would have thought this list would be endless, but I've been pretty good when it comes to make-up purchasing - Basically all the money I used to have spare to spend on luxuries is now being pumped into my car in the form of petrol. So these products are either old favourites of have been purchased over the past couple of months, rather than in one go. 

My first favourite is the Pixi Glow Tonic, I picked this up at M&S and slotted it into my evening skincare routine. It ensures all traces of make up, dirt and dead skin are removed from the skin. It suggests using it both Am and Pm but I found that to be a little to harsh for my skin. I have also noticed a difference in the visibility of my acne scarring.

Another favourite comes from a brand called Essense, which you can buy from Wilkos stores in the UK. Their 'Make me Brow' is a dupe for benefits Gimme Brow, it's basically a brow gel with a tiny wand and has a formula that sets the brows but also contains fibres to add volume. I own both shades 01 Blondy Brows and 02 Browny Brows, at the moment I use 02 and then go in afterwards with a brow pencil to fill in any gaps. The other favourite is another benefit dupe, essence bright eyes is a pencil that you can use to highlight under the brow and the inner corner to brighten the eye area - a very similar product to Benefits High brow. I own the shades Pearly; a shimmery pink and Nude; a matte pinky white.

My sister very kindly returned from New York with goodies from Sephora last month, including the Sephora Pro-airbrush #55 which I've wanted for the longest time. This brush is super soft, giving a wonderfully airbrushed effect to the skin. I've been using this with my recently re-purchased Nars Sheer Glow, I thought I could live without it, clearly not. 

My final favourite is Twinings Ginger bread Green tea. You always hear how wonderful the effects are from drinking green tea, but I don't care how good something is for me if it tastes rancid I'm not drinking it. I spotted this ginger bread green tea in waitrose and I thought that hopefully the taste of ginger bread could over power the 'delicate taste' and I was right. Not only has it made green tea drinkable, I actually enjoy drinking it. 

My next favourites will be yearly favourites! Crazy right? time flies.

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