Update & September Favourites | 2015

It genuinely feels like I haven't stopped since I went back to college at the beginning of the month. As it's my last year, the pressures seriously on to get all my uni stuff sorted, whilst still trying to keep up with work and ensuring I have everything I need for auditions. As a result, my blog has had to take a bit of a back seat, however now I'm settled back into a routine, regular posts should be appearing again.

Additionally, if you're wondering why Deliciously-Floral.co.uk posts are not appearing on your bloglovin' feed, I had a spur of the moment decision to change my blog name last month and as a result lost all my followers on bloglovin'. However after listening to family and friends, I've decided to change it back, unfortunately that means there are two deliciously-floral bloglovin' accounts, sorry for the confusion! You can follow me ((here)).

Anyway, back to what you probably came here for - September Favourites. 

L'oreal Miss Manga Waterproof Mascara
This gives serious volume length and separation, without any clumpiness. The best part is the formula is waterproof and therefore holds a curl like a dream without any smudging or flaking. Definitely one of the best mascaras I've tried in a long time. 

Benefit Dandelion Blush
I've had this in my collection for ages, but the bulky packaging always meant it was packed away at the back of a drawer. However I've been hooked on Lisa Potter-Dixon's YouTube channel and her use of Benefit products has not only given me a wishlist the length of Britain, but has also made me dig out and use anything of benefit I already own. This is such a gorgeous pale pink that really perks up the complexion. 

Collection Extreme 24hr Felt liner
I wont waffle on too much about this as I've just uploaded a full review, which you can read (here). Basically it is one of the most long wearing liquid liners I have ever tried. I love it so much I had to pick up both the brown and purple shade, so far I'm still just as impressed!

Zara LVII (The Limited Collection) Perfume
This smell reminds me exactly of another scent but I cannot place it, which is possibly the most fustrating thing ever. Anyway, it's described as having a floral/fruity scent that is quite intense. The best part about this is the lasting power, fragrances last about an hour on me tops but even after a day at college I can still smell this on my skin. 

Foam Muscle Roller
My muscles have taken an absolute beating since going back to college after 10 weeks of doing absolutely nothing #badmtstudent. This has been an absolute life safer, helping my muscles to recover quicker as well as relieving pain and increasing flexibility. 

Over sized cardigans
Seriously what is this weather. It's not cold enough for coats, not hot enough to go without. I purchased an oversized cardigan to combat the struggles and I legit haven't stopped wearing it, it's so cosy!

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