Painterly and Soft Ochre Paintpot Dupe

Top-Bottom: Creme de Nude, Creme de Rose, Painterly Paintpot

I'm always keeping my eye out for any new additions to my favourite drugstore cream shadows - the Maybelline colour tattoos. The latest being two new shades in their Creamy Matte collection; Creme De Nude and Creme De Rose.

Creme de nude is Maybelline's answer for mac Soft Ochre Paintpot. It's a matte yellow toned nude, perfect for cancelling out veins and discolouration on the lid before applying other shadows over top, as well as making other shadows appear more vibrant. I'd had soft ochre on my wishlist for ages, but this alternative has saved me a bucket load. 

Creme De Rose is an exact dupe for Mac Painterly Paintpot, at a fraction of the cost. This is more rosey toned, as the name would suggest, better suited to those with more pink undertones (if using it as a base). However this shows up a little too rosey on my yellow-toned skin, so I'm using it more as a shadow. 

Similarly to the other colours I've tried in the range, the formula is lovely and creamy, giving you time to blend before they set and last all day without creasing. 

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