Eylure Pro-Brow Dybrow

I actually have eyebrows, who knew? 
I've been debating dying my brows for ages, as naturally they're pretty much invisible and filling them in in the morning is an absolute ball-ache especially when I sweat them off the minute I start a dance class. 

The Eylure Pro-Brow Dybrow was on offer in Superdrug recently so I thought, what's the worst that could happen?

Following both the instructions and this Pixiwoo tutorial, I combined the colour cream and the activator into a paste that doesn't run. Then using the mascara wand that comes with the kit, I applied it to the brow hairs like I would a brow gel, avoiding the skin underneath. I also applied Vaseline to the surrounding skin to ensure it didn't stain it. 



After 2 minutes I wiped it off and repeated the process 3 times to get the desired colour. I couldn't believe how easy it was to do and now I actually have eyebrows even without make-up! The kit claims to last up to six weeks, but we shall see. Even if it doesn't last as long, it's super easy to top up
Be sure to complete a patch test before application, just in case of allergic reaction to the henna dye. 

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