Collection Extreme Felt Liner

I have such a love/hate relationship with liquid eye liner. Every single one I have tried in the past has either smudged, melted down my face or been an absolute nightmare to apply. Never did I think I would find a product, that lasted well and was easy to use, from the drugstore.

The collection Extreme Liner is a felt tip pen style product that contains a opaque black liquid, that is an absolute dream to apply. The tip isn't too sturdy, you get some movement meaning you can get different effects depending on the pressure you apply. 

The formula, I promise you, is bullet-proof. I have worn this to college on my dance heavy days and sweated like and absolute pig (lovely, right?) and this hasn't even budged a bit. I've also worn it on a recent shopping trip to Birmingham and repeatedly tried on tops/jumpers/dresses etc, and this didn't smudge at all. Once you apply it, it sets quickly and you can be sure that it will look just as good at the end of the day as it did when you applied it. 

This is an absolute dream of a product, costs under £5 and is super easy to get a hold of. I would 100% recommend, if like me, you struggle with getting liner to last. 

You can purchase Collection products at a lot of places, but I usually get mine from Boots - (Here)

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