Estee Lauder Double Wear

You know that time where I said my favourite foundation was Nars Sheer glow? yeah, I lied. I'd always imagined that Estee Lauders infamous Double Wear was super heavy and cakey but I soon discovered a light hand and a good colour match can make all the difference.

It's no joke when they say this is full coverage - a pea sized blob is enough to coat my entire face and conceal all my acne scars with ease. However the pump-less bottle (biggest pet hate ever) turns a pea sized blob into a swimming pool if you're not careful. 

The formula isn't the lightest I've ever tried, but it's not heavy either, I can wear this all day without feeling like I'm wearing a mask. Also I'm not kidding on the 'all day' because this stuff is truly long-wearing, as the name would suggest. I wore this too a wedding and my base stayed just as flawless from the minute I put it on to over 12 hours later. It's so long wearing that you have to use a creamy cleanser to remove it, simply rubbing a face wipe over it doesn't do the trick and can end up breaking you out. 

The shade 1N1 Ivory Nude is a perfect match for me and leaves my skin looking airbrushed, it makes a change to have compliments on my skin rather than feeling super self conscious over my acne and scarring. 

Love, love, love this stuff!


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