Maybelline Master Sculpt

Contouring and highlighting is definitely one of the best things to come out the beauty industry,enabling us to alter the shape of the face by playing around with shadows. Whilst high end seem to come out on top in comparison to some drugstore alternatives, Maybellines latest launch is something else.

The Master Sculpt is available in two shades; 01 Light, which is more of a warmer contour shade and 02 Medium Dark which is the cooler of the two. I picked up 02 Medium, which works beautifully to mimic the natural shadows of the face. 

The formula is lovely and buttery, yet easy to blend and the pigmentation is very good. However with most face products, start with a little then build up to avoid the 'stripe' effect. 
The highlight side is a light champagne/gold with a light shimmer running through it. It's not the best on the market and I would prefer if the highlight part of it wasn't part and the pan consisted of the contour only.

I comes with a flip up mirror and a naff brush, that will no doubt find it's way to the bin. 

Liv | Deliciously-Floral

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