Kiko Haul | July 2015

I like Kiko because if you've bought more than one product you don't feel like you've spent your entire months wages in one go, yet you still get the same quality as some of the higher end brand.

I recently took a trip to the Brighton store and picked up a few eye products and a nail polish (I haven't used it yet, so I'll save that for another post). Starting off with the Glamorous Eye Pencil in the shade 402; a stunning warm, coppery brown with a slight metallic finish. Against my blue eyes, this shade looks amazing along the waterline and I'd imagine it would look just as beautiful if not more, paired with green eyes. It's a lovely creamy formula that can be blended out for a much softer finish. 

Next up, I purchased one of the infamous Long Lasting Stick Eye Shadows in the shade 05, a shimmery taupe/purple shade. I love the colour, the formula however, was not as impressive. It claims to have 8 hour no-transfer wear but it never set it just stayed sticky for the entire day and I must say it creased like a bitch. I'm going to probably have to wear a primer underneath this, but I can't help but feel like that completely defeats the point of a 'long-wearing' eye shadow. 

This final product was definitely a love at first swatch, the Cream Crush Shadow in the shade 05. This is the most beautiful sparkly taupe shadow I have ever owned. The cream to powder finish, lasts all evening and is a great way to add sparkle/reflect to any eye look.

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