Brush Cleaning On A Budget

Superdrug's own brand B. had recently launched their own budget friendly Make-up Brush Cleanser, having just ran out of my trusty Mac Brush Cleanser, I was keen to try it out. 

It comes in a bottle with a pump, which is already a winner in my eyes and contains a formula that easily battles through the product on my brushes to leave them clean and free from bacteria. 

you spray the product directly onto the brush, then massage it onto a tissue and you're done! It literally dries in minutes, perfect for those who have a limited selection of brushes, or like mixing up their look on a day to day basis. 

Of course, I still clean my brushes with baby soap and water once a week, but this is a great way to keep bacteria away in between washes.

Liv | Deliciously-Floral

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