All That Glitters

Lightly washed over the lid to amp up a natural look

Glitter? check. Duo Chrome finish? Check. These Topshop individual eye shadows are seriously some of the most beautiful eye shadows known to man. I blogged about the shade Wax and Wayne about this time last year and one year on, I've finally added another shade to my collection -  Shuffle the Cards. 

The shades are truly unique, there's nothing quite like it available on either drugstore or high end. Shuffle the cards is a fusion of gold with red reflects. Worn on it's own, it's a very subtle sparkle, but packed on over the top of either a warm or gold shadow, these are seriously beautiful. 

These are not the cheapest at £9 a pop, but they're a great way to add amp up a smokey eye, or just to add some interest to a somewhat neutral look. Topshop also sell cream versions, minus the glitter, that can be worn as highlighter or cream shadows, they're definitely next on my list!

Liv | Deliciously-floral

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