New Look Do Make-Up?!

Forgive me if I am late on this bandwagon but whilst trailing around new look, I noticed they have a complete stand of own brand make-up consisting of baked blushes/highlighters/eye-shadows, as well as foundations, cream shadows, liners, mascaras, nail polish and even brow products (and breathe). 

As a complete magpie for all things make-up I found myself swatching just about everything and to my surprise, they actually had some good quality products. In total I picked up three items to trial; an eye shadow, lip liner and an eye brow pencil.

The baked eye shadow I picked up was in the shade Biscuit, which is almost an exact dupe for Mac All That Glitters, the only difference being the baked option offers a lot more sparkle. 

I'm going through a total nude lip liner phase and so for £1.99, I had to pick up this New Look offering in the shade 72. This brown toned pink shade is creamy and easy to use, whilst offering a lot of pigmentation. 

Lastly I picked up the Eye Brow Pencil in the shade 12; a cool toned brown, ideal for blondes. It's very waxy, not so good if you want more natural looking hair strokes. However, for the price (£1.99) it's actually a really good product. 

The packaging is a simple matte black with white writing. Overall I'm pretty impressed with the products, I have my eye on the baked highlighter next; it's beautiful!

Liv | Deliciously-Floral

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