Five Likes and a Loathe | #5

I was doing so well, then when I was about to reach my 5th week in a row I accidentally forgot to post it. Hopefully we can look beyond my minor hick-up and continue to look back at the things I've loved this week..

A couple of weeks ago driving tests were my loathe (that hasn't changed, they're still horrific and I stand by everything I said). When I went to re-book my test the earliest I could get it was july, JULY! Thankfully I managed to get a cancellation and on Tuesday I passed it! I love the freedom and independence driving gives you, I can't understand anyone who refuses to learn to drive, it's fab not having to rely on everyone else or bloody public transport for lifts. 

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz
A recent re-purchase after BlowLTD were offering 15% off and free delivery. I don't know why I didn't repurchase as soon as I ran out from my last one, it's absolutely brilliant at creating natural yet full looking brows. The ultra fine nib allows me to add in hair like strokes, yet the super pigmented formula means it doesn't take long to build up colour. 

3. Acrylic Storage (TKmaxx & Muji)
If you follow me on Instagram then you'll see that I recently re-organised my make-up collection, because nothing is more satisfying than organising make-up in clear storage.

4. Supervet
I absolutely love this program, despite it leaving me in tears almost every episode, basically it starts off sad, with the ultimatum to put the pet to sleep or operate and watching people having to make that decision breaks my heart every time. It follows pets admitted to the genius that is Noel Fitzpatrick, with some life-threatening problems. Using his own inventions he is able to time and time again save animals that would otherwise be beyond saving. He eats, sleeps and breathes his veterinary practice and it's so wonderful to see such dedication and passion for saving animals.

5. Jo Malone Vanilla and Anise 
I smell bloody wonderful. No, seriously if you're around a Jo Malone counter go take a wiff of this!

Products that don't come with a pump, but flipping well should!
Today marks the second time something that should have come with a pump, but doesn't, has fallen off my vanity and poured all over my carpet. Previously I've lost half a pot of my Origins moisturiser to my carpet and today I lost half of my No.7 Eye Make-up remover, not before splashing my freshly made up face on the way down. Obviously it's a money maker, especially from idiots like me who either end up using way too much or spill it and have to purchase a new one more frequently, but it's really, really annoying!

Hope you've had a wonderful week!
Liv | Deliciously-floral

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