Five Likes and a Loathe | #4


Conveniently, as soon as I had finished Pretty Little Liars, Netflix uploaded Once Upon a Time and ever since then have been hooked. It's all our favourite fairy tale characters trapped by an evil witch in a world with no magic - ours. Will they ever escape the curse? Guess I'll just have to spend the rest of my Easter holidays binge watching to find out.

Ok, I have not been able to stop talking about this product since I got it. I have a full review, with a tutorial on how I use it here. Basically I love it and I will probably continue to love it for eternity. 

if reading that didn't get you drooling then we can't be friends. It's essentially a ginger nut biscuit minus the calories and the guilt (unless you eat the entire sharing bag in one sitting, of course). I also love the sweet coconut and vanilla flavour from this range, so unusual yet so delicious.

I ordered some Red Cherry lashes and I have to say I was really impressed with the whole process. They offer free 1st class delivery, with no minimum spend plus they regularly have discount codes on offer. Would definitely recommend it for when you want your next lash fix. 

As handy as 'notes' is on my iPad, I feel like I need more organisation. That's where this app comes in. It allows you to have different 'notebooks', for example I have one for DF, one for college etc. you can add picures, lists, files and even set it to email you reminders.


My Skin.
Well, actually me. I really hope one day I can resist the urge to pick my skin. I literally can't stop myself. I'm sat here writing this covered in spot cream, praying it with counteract the damage, knowing full well it's not even going to scratch the surface of the problem. Oh well, a girl can dream right?

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