My Make-up Storage

At long last I've reached a crucial moment in my life; i'm finally happy with my make-up storage. If you don't get it then there's no way you'll understand the sheer satisfaction of having all the products stored somewhat neatly and organised.

My favourite thing by far is my Muji storage. I have the three wide thin drawers on top and the two deeper drawers underneath. They don't quite stack perfectly on top of each other with is a total pet peave, but I try my best to ignore it. The bottom draw is for my favourite foundations, concealers and highlighters. essentially the products that are two thick for the thin drawers. The nest draw up contains all my favourite eye products (single eye shadows, pigments, cream shadows, liners, primers, brows and mascara). Then it's all my face products that can fit inside the smaller drawers, so thats powder, blush, bronzer and a few cream products.  Then the final two drawers are dedicated to lip products, the top is purely lipsticks and the drawer below is glosses and lipliners.

All my favourite palettes are slotted into this toast holder I got from the charity for something like 50p, love a bargain. Then my mirror is from No.7 but I believe they have a whole new shape and the new light is more daylight than mine. Basically it's 100x's better than mine so hopefully I will purchase the new improved one next time they go on sale.

My Brushes are then kept in these copper candle holders from The Range and the flower pot contains fake flowers from wilkos that I tend to use as props for pictures.

All of this sits on top of these drawers from Ikea (I don't know the exact name sorry!), the rest of my make-up, skincare and other bits and bobs can be found in the top drawer. The plastic storage holding the rest of my make-up is a knives and forks organiser from Ikea also. Then the two other plastic boxes are recycled take-away pots, just doing my bit to save the planet.
The jars contain lip balms and hand sanitisers. They did originally come in a pack of three, from ASDA, but I'm not too sure where the third went. Finally the fabric drawer divider is also from Ikea. 

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