Five Likes and A Loathe | #2

Ok, so I've successfully made it to week two. So far so good. If you missed the first installment in my 'five likes and a loathe' series, catch up here. It's essentially my weekly favourites, balanced out with something that's really got on my tits.

Five Likes

1. Bounce Energy Balls
These little balls of delight are packed full of nutrients and superfoods to give you that quick hit of energy and protein. Despite them appearing rather small, I'd say they've just made the conventional health bar a bit more interesting. My favourite is the cacao mint, literally tastes like mint chocolate minus the guilt. 

2. Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
Last week I was all about the minimal base and shock horror, I've gone back to full coverage foundations. However, it's not because my skins bad, it's more to do with my obsession with flawless skin. This evens out skin tone like a dream and covers any acne scarring, yet stays put the whole day.

3. Urban Decay Primer Potion
I've been enjoying experimenting a bit more with my eye shadow this week. Obviously not the most practical thing as I spend most of the week in a sweaty dance studio, but this primer has some serious staying power. Creaseless make-up from dusk till dawn.

4. Mac harmony Blush
As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm not really a blusher kinda gal. I find they extentuate the scaring on my cheeks. However, I love mac harmony blush. It's a neutral toned, almost brown blush that can be used for contouring but I tend to sweep it a little onto the apples of my cheeks to sculpt and add some life back to my complexion.

5. Superdrug Natural Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser
Because of the stupid packaging of the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, I suddenly came to the end of it without any warning, rendering me cleanser-less. In a moment of panic I picked up this one from Superdrug and surprisingly enough, I'm really liking it. It cleanses the skin removing all make-up easily, smells lovely and leaves my complexion looking rather radiant. It's a ten from len.

Garnier express 2-in-1 Make-up Remover
When I first purchased this, I thought it was amazing. I'd got fed up of paying £8 on the No.7 one, so when I found this cheaper alternative, I was over the moon. Well that was until this week, when suddenly my eyes decided to react to it. In a similar way to how I react to Micellar waters, my eyelid become very sore and basically split open so I would wake up with swollen eyelids by the morning.
Since swapping back to my No.7 one, they practically cleared up within a couple of days. Great, another one to add to the 'Allergic to' list.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week!

Liv | Deliciously-floral

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