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It wasn't until I picked up the set of three face masks in a set for £25 from boots last Christmas, that I realised why there was such a hype surrounding Origins. Origins is a natural skincare brand which promises to use plant based ingredients that are proven to help the skin. 

The Masks
Drink-up Intensive
A super hydrating over night mask that smells incredible. I was a bit weary of it breaking me out, but it's a complete game changer when it comes to dehydrated skin. I opt for this, usually on a Saturday night, when I've had one too many roses, so that when I wake up on Sunday my skin doesn't show how hungover I'm feeling. 

Clear Improvement
A charcoal based mask that helps to draw out any impurites from the skin. When I first used it I thought it was awful, my skin did not look better, if anything it looked worse. But when talking to a sales assistant at a Origins counter, she mentioned that because it draws the dirt from deep within the pores, a couple of days later the skin may break out and I find that after the initial breakout, my skin looks much clearer. 

Out Of Trouble
Aims to rescue problem skin, helping to calm breakouts. Whilst this is perfect as a quick ten minute mask, I prefer to target certain areas of the skin and then leave it on over night as a spot treatment. When I wake up, spot size is dramatically reduced. 

A Perfect World SPF25
A moisturiser with white tea that targets the prevention of Aging. Whilst wrinkles are not going to be a problem any time soon, it's never to early to prevent environmental damage to the skin. The SPF obviously protects against sun damage, but the ingredients help to prevent damage from polution etc. It's oil free and therefore doesn't disturb my make-up or break me out and it very  lightweight. The only annoying thing is the packaging. The tub is not only unhygienic, but I was clumsy enough to drop it without its lid on and ended up losing a good 1/4 of product to the carpet. Not happy, considering it's definitely not the cheapest of products.

The Spot Treatment
Super Spot Remover
I am guilty of believing the hype when it came to this product. The sales assistant told me she swore by it, admiting that if she came into work with a spot all she would do is apply the Super Spot Remover throughout the day and by the end of her shift the spot would have massively reduced in size. I promise you this product works like magic. Yes it's tiny and costs a bomb, but it has the power to reduce a spot to next to nothing over night and therefore is my holy grail.

What are your favourite products from Origins?

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