The Victoria's Secret Glow (for us pale folk)

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I knew I needed to invest in some decent fake tan the minute I saw the first batch of Victoria's Secret Fashion 2014 pictures. Although we can't all be blessed with their beauty, you can easily recreate their signature bronzed glow. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe they use St. Tropez products on the models, or they have in previous shows so it seemed to make sense to try them out.

I've had my eyes on the Express Tan from St. Tropez ever since it was released this summer, although I couldn't quite justify the £30 price tag. Boots were having an offer for a 1/3 off fake tan the other week and I managed to persuade myself into buying it - you know, the good ol' "get it as a Christmas gift to yourself" excuse.

What makes it different to other fake tans is that there's none of that sleeping in the tan and ruining bed sheets/PJs faf, instead you just pop it on for 1 to 3 hours (you're in control of the intensity of the tan you want) and then rinse with warm water, et voila you're done. It's a mousse formula that offers a tint when applied, making it easy to see if there's any areas you have missed or not blended well etc. It doesn't have that awful biscuty smell either, it's lightly fragranced but once you've rinced it off the scent pretty much disappears. I love how the minute I rinsed it off,  any areas I hadn't blended well, or had applied to much product had been washed away and I was left with an even natural looking glow!

To get the best results with this (and most fake tans) I would suggest exfoliating 24hrs prior to tanning, using a tanning mit when you apply the product and then make sure you moisturise every day to stop it from going patchy, I've been loving using the Vaseline Spray and Go in the Aloe scent, it literally dies in seconds and smells so fresh.

You can purchase St. Tropez Express Tan here

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