Tanya Burr False Lashes

Personally, I think it's amazing that vloggers/bloggers are launching their own products,  it's lovely too see their success grow from their first blog/vlog to now and it's even more satisfying to feel like you've been with them on their journey. 

The best part is that the products aren't some namby pamby merch that's had their name stamped all over it, they've been truely part of the entire process and work closely to ensure that the products are a representation of that person as well as being tailored specifically to the audience they attract. For example, beauty blogger Tanya Burr launched her own line of beauty products consisting of lip glosses, nail varnish and the most recent edition; eyelashes. 

Tanya's clearly taken on board everything she likes and dislikes about false eye lashes and created a range of,what I would describe as, the perfect false lash. I've previously purchased the Date Night lashes and I absolutely loved them but I was so eager to try them, the only images I have are ((here)) 

Superdrug had recently had an offer on most of her range, so obviously I had to try another pair. This time I went for the Everyday Flutter lashes, these are half strip so they look a little more natural than a full strip but still add that gorgeous full lashed look. They also come with a small pot of glue, that is probably the best lash glue I've tried. The only thing I find annoying with these lashes is that they're slightly too long for my eyes, just wish they were a little shit shorter. But that's not to say they wont look gorgeous on other eye shapes.

I can't wait to try out the rest of the range!

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