Combat Dry Skin This Winter

Being exposed to the cold wind outside followed by the  the central heating inside can cause havoc to your skin. Usually I'm a sufferer of oily skin all year, but my skin has been so dry and flakey as of lately so I've been raiding my collection for all the hydration boosting products in a desperate attempt to combat it.

When my face is dry no foundation ever sits well and I'm never happy with how my make-up looks, this is usually the time I wack out the Origins Drink up Intensive over night mask. This deliciously fruity scented mask feels more like a super hydrating moisturiser, it doesn't have the typical thick mask like texture instead it just sinks in to the skin beautifully. Did I also mention that it smells amazing?!

I love body moisturisers but many are way to thick to use in the morning before dressing, instead I've been reaching for the Vaseline Spray and Go (in the Aloe scent). There's none of that digging your hand into heavy butter like creams, you simply spray the fine mist on to the limb of choice and rub in and it pretty much absorbs instantly - no waiting around before getting dressed. It offers an instant boost of hydration and smells super fresh, but not at all over powering and doesn't interfere with any fragrances you put on later. 

My hands had gotten to the point where they're bleeding because they're so dry, however my Soap and Glory hand maid is definitely working a treat to inject some hydration back into them. I must admit this product is slightly greasy so I wouldn't recommend it if you have to do a lot of writing in day to day life.

I've already done a full review of the Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm ((read it here)) but to sum it up, it's the best lip balm for thirsty skin and I can see results after the first use!

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