Christmas Sparkle

Top - Bottom:  Collection Glitter liner - Funk & Hustle, Topshop - Wax & Wayne, Mac Tan Pigment, Mac Rose pigment

As soon as Christmas rolls around out comes my stash of glittery & super shimmery shadows. I know for most people, the thought of wearing glitter can be quite intimidating so I've rounded up a few ways you can join in with the festive trend without going all out glitter ball.

Glitter Gel Liners - Collection 
This is probably the easiest way to wear glitter. Loose glitter can be a total nightmare, so encasing it into a long lasting gel means minimal mess and full control. Collection do an amazing selection of gorgeous glitter liners for under £3 each. 

Duo Chrome Glitter Shadows - Topshop Wax and Wayne
Pop this purple glitter eye shadow over the top of a smokey eye and you'll recieve a tonne of compliments at your Christmas party. In some light's it's brown and in others it's purple, it's perfect if you're not feeling full on glitter, something subtle and pretty is always a sure winner.

Loose Pigments - Mac
These are for complete glitter phobes. There so shimmery that they're half way to a glitter, but not quite. I am obsessed with Tan pigment from Mac and I love wearing it washed across the lid paired with some fluttery lashes. Rose pigment actually contains tiny gold glitters running through it but still looks subtly beautiful.

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