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Hi, I'm Olivia and I'm a lip balm hoarder.

I've probably own enough lip balm to supply my whole town, however I couldn't help but add another to my collection especially as it was on 1/3 off. #sorrydefinitetlynotsorry

If you haven't heard of the Nuxe Reve De Miel honey lip balm, then you probably crawl out of that rock you've been hiding under and get aboard this bandwagon because it's definitely one worth being on. Nuxe is a french pharmacy skincare brand and well, french skincare is the With the rave reviews floating round the blogger world, I was expecting big things and I must say I've not been disappointed. It's a thick honey coloured balm that smells of citrusy goodness (in a natural way, not an artificial way), it smells good enough to eat. A unique thing about this balm is that it has an almost matte texture, unlike most glossy balms, you can hardly tell you have anything on your lips - A fabulous option for any long haired gals.

The packaging is a slight issue, although it looks ascetically pleasing in it's luxurious glass pot, it's weight doesn't make it particularly handbag friendly, so it stays on my skincare shelf for use before bed and before make-up application. But this is possibly the most hydrating lip balm I have ever used and you really don't need a lot, so for £9.50 (!) you really do get your moneys worth.

If you're someone who tends to get really dry lips throughout the winter, I would say this is a great staple skincare product that I would 100% recommend investing in, your lips with thank you for it. 

You can purchase it from and they've regularly got offers on, so if you're not prepared to pay the full price, keep your eyes pealed for future offers.

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