The Glow-Getters

As you can see, they're all pretty well loved.

I avoid highlighters like the plague in the summer, my oily skin combined with a shimmery highlighter only makes me look as if I've dunked my face in a chip fryer. However as soon as it gets cooler I've raid my stash in search for that perfect dewy glow to brighten up my complexion and make me feel 100x's more awake than I feel.

My favourite base for a 'lit from within' look is the Burberry Nude Radiance in the shade No.1. I sometimes mix this with my foundation to extra dew-fiy my face, but I mostly use it as a primer and I must say it does a fabulous job at acting as a magnet by holding onto my make-up for dear life. 

The next is unfortunately discontinued, but I couldn't not include it. The Mac Pearlmatte Face Powder in the shade In For A Treat was from Macs Baking Beauty collection and this particular highlight is the best subtle glow giver in my collection. It's a beautiful champagne shade that also contains that hint of pink, but the shimmer is almost undetectable on the skin (in more of a glow from within way). If you're lucky enough to find someone selling it, I would recommend grabbing it, If not just for how beautiful the product looks in the packaging.

Topshop are my favourite brand when it comes to highlighters. All the ones I have tried from there are absolutely amazing. The Glowstick highlighter is basically a stick containing a cream to powder formula that makes application a dream - you simply swipe on, blend and go. The Topshop Glow Pot is a little different, in that it can be a little messy when it comes to application, I wish it came in a tube that you had to squeeze out, never the less it is stunning. It's more of an iridescence on the skin rather than a shimmer and it catches the light perfectly. Both of these products last amazingly well on the skin also.

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