October Favourites 2014

As I've mentioned in just about every post this Autumn, I'm favouring the trend of a brown toned lip and if you read my MAC Haul (Here) you would have seen that I picked up the shade Twig and it's safe to say it has been gracing my lips ever since. It's a satin finish so it just wears so nicely and feels quite hydrating. I love pairing this with Soar Lip liner, for a really precise edge, although I must say they're almost Identical in colour.

I purchased the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder earlier on in the month and I absolutely flipping love it. It's a finely milled powder that offers a hint of coverage, sets make-up and keeps shine away pretty much all day, what else could you ask for?

At last the gods at Maybelline have listened and brought out a range of Colour Tattoos in the Uk that aren't metallic. The shade Creamy Beige has been the only eye product I've used all month and because it stays in place all day, it makes a perfect product for my more dance oriented days at college. you can read my Maybelline Colour Tattoo full review and swatches (here).

Since I started blogging in March, the only eye make-up remover I'd ever loved was the No.7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-up Remover as it was the only one that didn't make my eyes swell. For £8 per 100ml, I was desperate to find a cheaper alternative and when I finally got round to trying Bioderma I was completely shocked at how amazing it was at removing make-up yet still being super gentle on the eyes (see full review here). Although you can't pick up Bioderma at your local drugstore in the UK, you can get it on Escentual.com really easily and they always seem to have some sort of offer on.

Ok, I would just like to make a start by saying I'm hugely sorry for anyone that has been around me this month because chances are I've burst out into a song from Frozen every 30 seconds. Yes, I'm a year late with the whole Frozen bandwagon, but I finally got round to watching it and I am very much on board and obsessed. I just love the fact that it's not your conventional Disney happy ever after, plus the songs are so bloody catchy. If anyone fancies buying me an Elsa costume and an Olaf toy I would love you forever.

I've pretty much been incorporating Nutella into every meal of the day. On toast for breakfast, Nutella and go's for lunch and then strawberries dunked in Nutella for desert. The amount I've been consuming is definitely not healthy and I should probably be seeking medical advice but it's just so delicious!

And finally, what October Favourites would be complete without a special mention to my beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte. It's so frustrating that my nearest Starbucks is about 20 minutes, actually no it's probably a good thing, if it were any closer I'd be spending an unhealthy amount of time in there.

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