COLAB Dry Shampoo

Not too long ago I did a little rave about the new dry shampoo from herbal essences, I would like to give an update on this and say that unless you store these upright the product becomes almost completely unusable. Basically I'm pissed because I've wasted two full bottles through no warning or advice with regards to storage. Rant over.

The beautiful Ruth Crilly from has launched her own line of dry shampoo and I'm just going to get straight to the point and tell you they are bloody fab.

I'm all for a dry shampoo that doesn't have any colour, I cannot stand batiste and that awful grey residue that no matter how many times you try and brush it out, you still end up finding grey bits through out the day. This dry shampoo doesn't contain any of that and doesn't have that vile gritty texture (that batiste is also guilty of having) it actually leaves you hair feeling freshly washed and smelling lovely. 

Each scent is named a different place from around the world, I had to pick up the New York one because it's definitely my favourite place in the whole world and this particular scent smells incredible, although it doesn't last all day which I'm not too fussed about as I don't really like it to interfere with the fragrances I'm already wearing.

The dry shampoos are available in both full sized cans as well as the mini ones, like I picked up, which is perfect for throwing in your handbag. I would completely recommend this if you've got long hair and you're like me and too lazy to wash it all the time or even if you're not too comfortable with dry shampoo through fear or the grey mess. Trust me this product is impossible to mess up with.

Great job Ruth, can't wait to try out the other scents.

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