Brown toned Lip Loving

L-R: Brick-O-La, Twig, Nude Perfection
Mac - Twig

Mac - Brick-O-La

Maybelline - Nude Perfection

I can't promise that this will be the last time I go on about how much I'm loving brown toned lipsticks at the moment, but I will try my hardest.

Anyway, seeing as I have waffled on about them for ages, I figured I should probably dedicate an entire blog post to some of my favourites. Starting off with Mac Twig and holy moly do I love this colour, It's slightly mauvey as well as being brown toned and just brings so much warmth to my complexion. I love pairing this with a berry toned blush for that really Autumnal hue.

My Best friend recently went to New York and kindly brought back me a gift of Mac Brick-o-la which I would say is Twig's more red toned cousin. Shout out to Kitty for having amazing taste in lipstick colours and for being just as obsessed with the brown lip life. Both Twig and Brick-o-la are both excellent options for those with paler skin tones, as more cool toned browns tend to make us look a tad dead, whereas the mauve and red tones really warm up your entire look. Kitty also has an amazing Instagram that you should definitely check out (here)

For more of a nude brown hue and a more affordable price, I would really recommend Maybelline Satin Pencil in Nude Perfection, these have such a gorgeous pigmented Matte finish and are so handy for on the go application. 

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