Essence Waterproof Gel Eye Pencils

I've been a little quiet on the blogging front recently so I just wanted to start off by saying that I have well and truly got my blogging mojo back and I cannot wait to share some of my recent finds.

I did a blog post on my first impressions of a few lip products from the brand Essence a while back (you can read it here) and I must say I was super impressed. It's a super affordable brand found at Wilkos and they literally have everything you could ever imagine and more, from full on nail art to ombre blushes- you name it and they probably do it.

On my recent browse I came across their waterproof gel pencil liners, expecting them to be not all that great, I swatched them on the back of my hand and was completely blown away. I tried the teal shade first and I was pleasantly surprised at the creaminess and the pigmentation of it, then when I went to blend it, to see whether it would just rub off, it didn't budge in the slightest! I needed a black eyeliner anyway so I picked up both the stunning teal and the jet black shade which didn't set me back too much considering they're only £2.50 each.

They last literally all day on the eye's without smudging or melting and even when I tight lined using it, it didn't transfer at all to the bottom lid! I would 100% recommend checking these out if you're on the hunt for an amazing affordable waterproof liner. 

Liv | Deliciously-Floral

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