Bioderma Review

So everyone and their dog has probably heard of Bioderma and the cult status it has. Used by almost every make-up artist and beauty blogger out there, it's one of the best gentile, yet powerful, make-up removers out there. 

I've wanted to get my hands on some for ages, however my experience with micellar waters in the past has really put me off. Drugstore alternatives from the likes of Garnier and L'oreal have left me looking as if I'd rubbed acid over my eyes - not pretty.  However, after Lily Pebbles continually mentioning that Bioderma is way better than the cheaper brands I decided to head on over to and purchase the 100ml sizes to try out for £4.50 each.

I have quite oily skin so I also picked up the Sebium verson (in the green bottle) for my face and use the Sensibio one (red bottle) for eye make-up removal. 

I decided to test it's removal qualities at the same time as it's reaction qualities, because if it did have an effect I still wanted to be able to comment on it's power of removal. Firstly I just want to start of by saying this stuff works like magic. I applied a heavy bronzy smokey eye prior to the removal. I soaked a cotton wool pad and then held it over my eye for about 10 seconds, then wiped it away and pretty much all of the eye make-up, including mascara, was gone. No rubbing, scrubbing or faffing about this gets the job done in no time at all. Want to know the best part? I can continue using it because it didn't effect my eyes in the slightest woo! Another perk is that the packaging doesn't allow you to pour out too much product in one go, so nothing is wasted.

I've been using the green one as the final step in my cleansing routine, to ensure all of my make-up is removed. This also works like a dream at getting any last traces away as well as soothing and calming the skin. I'm not fully sure on the ingredients, but it smells a little like cucumber whereas the red one has no scent at all. I don't think you can use this one on the eyes either because on the instructions on the back it has no mention of eye make-up removal whereas the red one does. 

I will definitely be going back to purchase the full sizes of these once they are used up. They also work out to be much cheaper than my No.7 beautiful Skin Eye Make-up Remover which costs £8 for 100ml.

Liv | Deliciously-Floral

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