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2014 has been the year where we've seen the return of lip gloss. I used to absolutely hate the stuff, every time I thought of gloss it reminded me of my childhood and the glosses with horrible scents that would leave that scratchy feeling in your throat. But brands have really revamped the formulas and created a new generation of gloss.

However I'm still not a fan of bold coloured glosses. They don't suit me in the slightest, but I am obsessed with glossy nudes, they have the power to really pull a look together. I've rounded up all my favourites to share with you.

 NYX Butter Gloss - Eclair.
This is an absolutely gorgeous baby pink shade, I'd say it's very similar to the shade of Mac Creme Cup. The formula is long lasting (for a gloss) and non-sticky. Plus it's tiny so perfect for popping into your handbag for on the go applications.

Mac Dazzle Glass - Baby Sparks
Again, this is a glossy light pink but it's got tiny little blue glitters running through it. I know it sounds strange, but they really help to make the teeth appear whiter as well as making your lips appear more plump and full. I save this one for nights out as the formula is rather thick and sticky which means it sticks around even after having drinks.

Tanya Burr - Afternoon Tea
A glossy your lips but better shade. There's no shimmer and is so pigmented that I love wearing this on it's own. As I've said before, the smell of these glosses is not my favourite, but I can look past this with the quality of the product itself.

Maybelline Colour Sensational Cream Gloss -  130 Exquisite Pink
A gorgeous shimmery nude shade. This is probably one of my absolute favourite as it's not even the slightest bit sticky and feels almost weightless on the lips. Plus the shimmers make my lips appear so full!

Maybelline Colour Elixirs - Caramel Infused & Petal Plush
Caramel infused is very similar to Afternoon Tea but a little more brown. This has absolutely no shimmer and is probably my go to every day gloss. Petal Plush is a light pink with tiny glitters running through it. This looks incredible paired with Mac Creme Cup as it's a little too light for my complexion on it's own.

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