Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Review & Swatches

(Damn that mascara on my lid!)

There's no doubt that the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade is probably one of the most talked about eye brow products on the market.
It's hyped by just about everyone who owns it, but at £15 a pop, it took a lot of persuading before I gave in to see what the fuss was about. Anastasia Beverly Hills is only available online for us unlucky bunnies who live in the UK, but it can be found in sephora for the countries lucky enough to have one. 

I bought mine from and with standard delivery it arrived within two days which is fab. Cult beauty basically only stock products and brands that are considered cult within the beauty community and I already owned the Brow Wiz, so I knew already I could trust the brand has high standards.

I purchased the shade blonde. The shade choices are what put me off for a long time, there is not a lot of blonde swatches online, so it was difficult to see its true colour. I have such fair eyebrows that any warm tones through them really show up and my hair is much more ashy toned, so not a good look. However the blonde shade is a ashy toned blonde, a spot on shade match!

It claims to be waterproof, sweat-proof and perfect for those with oily skin. The brow wiz unfortunately wears off my brows so quickly, so I was really looking for something that could last a long time! 
I trialed these claims out in many ways. To test it's longevity I applied it at night before I went to sleep (don't judge me, it's all in the name of beauty) it let me see how well it fared, not only lasting a good 12 hours but how it lasted against constant rubbing. Whilst the results when I woke up were not as perfect as when I applied, the product was still evident and I could have easily left the house with my brows looking the way they did.
Long lasting - Check
Good for oily skin - Check 

I also tested the sweat proof claims by applying it before I did a yoga and abs work out. 
Sweat-proof - Check

I wore it in the shower and it survived!
Waterproof- Check

 It's living up to the high expectations and for all of that I would quite happily pay £15 all over again.

It's taken me a good week or so to get the hang of applying it. I'd recommend using a dense angled brush to apply the product it's a lot easier to control and to get really clean, precise brows. It's so easy to over apply product, the more you apply the deeper the shade of blonde, a light hand and taking most of the product off on the back of your hand  is the key to making it work.

I absolutely love this product and I honestly think it's worth the hype!
You can purchase it here 

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