Back To School- Make-up Bag

I carry round a little make-up bag in all my bags, which contains necessities. From a concealer to plasters, I've always got to make sure I'm prepared. 
Whilst most people can feel comfortable not taking anything with them, I'm the sort of person who likes to be prepared. It will be the day I don't bring it that my shoes will give me blisters or a huge spot has taken residence on my face.

So I've collected a few products that are handy to carry around with you.

Deodorant - especially on those days where physical activity is on the agenda, whilst you don't get the opportunity to properly clean yourself, a quick swipe of deodorant can stop you feeling self conscious.
Dry shampoo - same thing applies, sweaty hair = not very pleasant.

Plasters - Not really essential, most schools give out plasters if you need one. But I know some people can't use fabric plasters, it's good to have some with you.

Paracetamol - headaches, that time of the month, you catch my drift.

Concealer & Lipbalm - touch ups through out the day, tinted lip balms are a good way to add colour without breaking any make-up rules in school.

Blotting tissues - I broke almost every powder that came with me to school. Blotting tissues take a way shine with no fear of crumbling in your bag and they're much more compact than lugging powders and brushes with you. 

Bobby pins & A spare hair bobble - just in case.

Hand sanitiser - school is basically one giant germ, best to make sure your hands are clean before eating lunch etc. 

Not very exciting, but they don't take up too much space and they are all very useful to have with you!

Good luck for the new school, college or uni year!

Liv | Deliciously-Floral

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