Back To School - Fresh Minimal Make-up

When I first started Year 7, I would wear some of the strangest make-up choices e.g. Electric blue mascara, turquoise liner on the water line and the best was Friday make-up which consisted of half neon pink and half neon green (yes, green) across my lids. I have absolutely no idea what I was thinking, it wasn't until a year later when I discovered YouTube that I decided that that was completely ridiculous, especially for school.

If only I had become obsessed with beauty tutorials a year earlier, I could have saved myself from a lot of cringy memories! Although I didn't get told off once for it, I know that's not the case for a lot of schools so I've created a minimal look that's fresh and pretty without being in your face.

I always found lack of confidence and insecurites resulted in a lot of people caking on the foundation to conceal the curse of puberty - acne. Unfortunately, that's a never ending cycle and it's best to find a light foundation/BB cream/ Tinted Moisturiser and then use a full coverage concealer such as the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. Pin Point concealing is your new best friend (if you don't know what I mean check out Lisa Eldridge' video here) it means the converage is exactly where you need it without compromising areas on your face that are blemish free, or are already corrected by your base. It is a little more time consuming than slapping a heavy duty foundation on with a paint brush but trust me your skin will thank you for it.
Follow up by setting with a face powder, again go sparingly and just apply where you need it avoid caking it on!

A common trend that I saw at my school last year were big, drawn on, scouse brows. Of course everyone has their own taste, however I would recommend just keeping things natural such as just combing a tinted brow gel through them. This gives a hint of colour as well as setting them in place and it saves a huge amount of time. I used the Benefit Gimmie Brow but Rimmel have just released a similar product for a fraction of the price.

As for eyes, a swipe of a champagne shade across the lid is a perfect way to give the eyes something extra without being too obvious. If you're allowed a little more make-up then I ran a black liquid liner close to my lash line and winged it out very slightly to make my lashes appear a little more full. Then I applied about 2 coats of mascara. Save the false lashes for parties etc.

I tend to avoid wearing lots of cheek products if my acne is around that area as it draws attention too it. Because our base was light it means your natural flush with show through instead. If you're lucky enough not to have blemishes on your cheeks then opt for a cream-powder light pink blush to the apples, this keeps it looking natural.

Finally, for lips I would recommend a tinted lip balm. The maybelline baby lips in cherry is a good option and Rimmel have  released a new range of tinted lip balms as well.

Products used:
- Natural Collection Tinted Moisuriser - Fair
- Benefit industrial strength concealer - 01
- Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - 001 Transparent
- Benefit Gimmie Brow - Light
- Mac All That Glitters
- L'oreal Super Liner- black
- Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara- black
- Bourjois Cream Blush - 03
-Maybelline Baby Lips - Cherry

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