Back To School - 3 Quick and Easy Hairstyles

Welcome to the first post in my Back To School Series. Whilst I am fortunate to have finally finished school, I know some of you aren't that lucky, so I've created a mini series to help make the process go that little bit smoother.

Getting up early, after 6 weeks of late nights and sleeping in to the early afternoon, can be a bit of a struggle so to save that precious sleeping time I've created 3 quick and easy hairstyles for you to re-create when getting ready for school.

1. The Voluminous Ponytail
This is my go-to hairstyle of the moment and it takes literally 30 seconds to do.
You will need:
- A hair bobble
- Salt Spray
- Straighteners or curlers

Start by grabbing the hair into a mid- ponytail and then secure that with a hair bobble. Then pull out two sections at the front to frame the face and make it look less polished for that 'I woke up like this' vibe. The key for the volume is to then start pulling the hair at the crown and then tightening the ponytail again. Repeating this process leaves you with volume at the crown and it moves the ponytail slightly up your head that the same time.

finish by spritzing some salt spray onto the hair in the ponytail for a beachy texture. As for the front sections, I tend to curl them but you can straighten them if you prefer.
Also, I have just embraced the natural texture of my hair, so if you have natural curls don't try and tame them!

2. Half up, Half down
I feel like Ariana Grande with this look (without the killer vocals, obz) 

You will Need:
- Curlers
- A plastic hair bobble

Start by curling your hair, this can be done the night before to save time (I have just left my hair natural, but I sometimes go the extra mile and properly wave it). Then gather the front section into a pony tail, then secure it with the hair band a little lower than you normally would. Then pull the pony tail to your head and this leaves you with a bit of volume at the front. I then like to pull the front sections down, to frame my face.

3. The Milkmaid
You've probably seen this hair style all over blogs but that's because it's the perfect hair style to disguise any greasiness and it's so quick to do.

You Will Need:
- Bobby Pins
- Plastic hair bobble

split your hair down the center and then braid both sections, then secure with the hair bobbles. Then take one braid and place it over the top of your head, securing it with bobby pins. Then repeat on the opposite side. Once complete start pulling and tugging to give it a more undone feel. 

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