What I Got For My Birthday 2014

Some of you may or may not know that I celebrated my 18th birthday on Friday. It was such a lovely day spent preparing for a family gathering in the evening and a massive thank you to my mum for putting everything together.

Disclaimer: this is no way bragging in any way. I'm beyond grateful for everything and I love seeing what people get whether it's a haul or birthday, so I thought I'd share mine with you. 

The main present this year was my camera. Hopefully, you've noticed the quality of my pictures have improved on Deliciously-Floral.co.uk as well as over on my Instagram (deliciously-floral) and that's all down to my Samsung MV900F. The best part about it is the fact the screen flips making it perfect for selfies but more importantly it makes filming a doddle. As well as all this, it also can connect to Wifi so I can email the pictures to myself directly from the camera. 

Next up was my Muji drawers from my sister Naomi. I have wanted these for the longest time. It now means that I can place all my every day essentials in an easy to reach place without having to rummage through my make-up collection every day, plus I love organising my make-up collection over and over again so seasonal rotations and switching products up when I'm testing them allows me to do that. 
Naomi also bought me a lipgloss/tint for lips or cheeks from Lush in the shade Bubbly. I have never tried anything from the lush make-up range and this colour is so unique yet absolutely gorgeous. It's like a pink stain with orange and even purple effect going through it. She then got me this weekly organiser from Emma Bridgewater for my blogging. I can plan my posts out for the week and stay on top of things and it's beyond cute. 
Finally, Naomi got me some jewellery from my favourite shop Forever 21. I am obsessed with this greany/turquoise theme and is a perfect way for someone who wears black most days (me) to incorporate some colour into an outfit. 

My Dad probably got me the most keepsake present this year- a picture album. It contained a tonne of my baby/childhood pictures and after flicking through it about a billion times I've decided I need to have my bright blonde hair back, but those hideous clothing choices can stay in the past.  

Of course with it being my 18th alcohol would have to come into it at some point. Except this is no ordinary vodka, oh no it's freshly cut grass flavour. I'll let you know over on my twitter what it tastes like when I pre-drink it in Sheffield. 

I then also received a personalised Emma Bridgewater mug. I already own a small Emma Bridgewater mug that I hand painted a couple of years ago, but I tend to drink hot chocolates and tea from the bigger ones so it's definitely going to get a lot of usage. Plus the actual design of it is bloody gorgeous. 

I'm already planning Kitty's presents for her birthday after the ones she got me. For starters card was flipping hilarious but inside the card was a DVD that she had made using so many old selfies/memories from my Facebook as well as all the screen grabs from SnapChat (toe face galore) and I genuinely don't think I've ever laughed so much in my life. She also got me some absolutely beautiful earrings from Pilgrim, they're so dainty and pretty and I haven't stopped wearing them. Finally, she handed me a very beautifully tied Chanel bag to which I proceeded to undo at a painfully slow pace through fear of ripping the Chanel tissue paper (It's the little things) I then unwrapped this gorgeous Chanel no.4 blush brush. As I've said in previous posts, make-up brushes are the key to get make-up to look it's best, there's something so luxurious applying my blush and bronzer with a this brush compared to any other. 

I was also very kindly given some beautifully scented Ted Baker body wash and moisturiser from Phoebe. I can't stop applying the moisturiser, it's sort of become a subconscious action and before I know it my skin is rehydrated and smelling beautiful about 15 times a day. As well as that, she also got me a a beautiful snood/scarf which, similarly to the jewellery, will add something cute and girly to my very black outfits.

Many of my family members also very kindly gave me money, which I has gone towards the reinvention of my wardrobe. A giant fashion Haul will be up soon!

I have loved every second of my birthday this year and a massive thank you for everyone who wished me happy birthday!

Liv | Deliciously-Floral

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