No.7 Stay Perfect Shade and Define - Cool Mink

Everyone and their mother has been talking about eye shadow pencils and most brands have hopped onto the By Terry Ombre Blackstar band wagon by creating their own versions. Whilst of course not every one is willing to spend nearly £30 on an eye shadow, a little bit of drugstore hunting can send you to some cracking dupes. 

No.7 have recently launched their new shade an define eye shadow pencils and they are amazing. They have a beautiful selection of colours but I went for the shade Cool Mink- an absolutely stunning taupe. It's so creamy and glides over the lid without tugging, but you do have to blend fast because once this sets it isn't budging. Also note that if you leave the lid off for 10 minutes then the top layer dries up and you have to scrape it off - not fun.  It can be worn along the lash line for a bit of definition but I've been wearing it all over the lid on its own and blending it out, it's the type of product that makes you look as if you've put a tonne of effort into your eye make-up when really you haven't. 

You can buy it here.

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