Natural Collection Water Guard Mascara

If I told you my holy grail mascara only cost £1.99, would you believe me? Well you better believe it because I am obsessed with the Natural Collection WaterGuard Mascara. Whilst it wouldn't survive a dunk in the pool without turning all panda eyed, it's perfect for every day wear.

I've always got a problem with mascaras smudging on my eye lid #LongEyelashProblems and even most waterproof mascaras don't seem to work at preventing this, however this one is a total exception. It doesn't smudge, crumble and it's an absolute dream to take off.

It offers lengthening as well as slightly volumising properties, perfect for everyday wear but can totally be built up for more of a dramatic look. 

I've even gone for a nap in this mascara and I've woken up to find my mascara still in perfect condition. Plus it's perfect for those with incredibly sensitive eyes.

It's getting a 10/10 from me and did I mention it's only £1.99 (!)
You can purchase it from any Boots stores or on Boots online here

Liv | Deliciously-Floral

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