Make-up Brush Care

Make-up brushes can either make or break a make-up look. Everything always looks so much more polished when they're involved. They're also investment pieces, I'd rather pay a little extra to get better quality brushes that last then have to keep replacing them on a regular basis. However, I've also realised that the lasting power of my brushes also depends on the way I take care of them, regular washing stops product build up and removes any bacteria that may be harboring on them but some products strip the brushes and eventually lead to you having to throw them away and re-purchase. 

I swear by two products when it comes to my brushes. Whether they're mac brushes or simply ones picked up from Superdrug/Boots, they all get the same treatment and as a result they last for ages.

Once a week I try to deep clean my brushes. I'm prone to acne and breakouts so it's essential to keep them clean. I've used everything from soap, fairy liquid to baby shampoo, but nothing compares to the cleaning quality of the Dr. Bronners Magic Soap. It's made with organic oils which means it still cleans the brush hairs without stripping them of any moisture. I have the peppermint scent (they do a few others including Rose and Citrus) and it makes my brushes smell incredible. I would 100% recommend it. I purchased mine from Tk Maxx but I've also seen that it is sold in American Apparel. The only down side to deep cleaning is that it takes absolutely ages for my bigger brushes to dry, especially the Real Techniques Powder Brush, that takes at least 2 days to be fully dry.


Being a completely make-up obsessed, my favourite pass time is trying out and creating different make-up looks. But of course as soon as the brush gets dirty, it needs to be cleaned and I must admit, I am so lazy and I can't be bothered to whip out the Magic Soap every evening. That's where the Mac Brush Cleanser comes in to play, it completely cleans the brushes and is also a disinfectant. On top of all that, it drys after a few minutes - what more could you want?

I absolutely swear by this duo and would 100% recommend them to everyone and for any make-up brush brand.

Liv | Deliciously-Floral

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