July Favourites 2014

so my birthday month is finally coming to an end. I've had such an amazing couple of weeks and I look forward to how the rest of the summer is going to plan out. 

Starting the favourites off with a few beauty bits and bobs. The first being the No.7 Shade and Define eyeshadow stick in the shade Cool Mink. I absolutely love how easy it is to wear this and how long lasting it is. I have a full review of it here.

In the same shopping trip I picked up the Soap and Glory Brow Archery in Love is Blonde and it's been gracing my eyebrows ever since. It lasts all day, especially in the heat wave we've been experiencing and it will definitely be a product I will continue to repurchase. Plus it's one of a very small amount of drugstore eyebrow products that isn't warm toned and it definitely doesn't leave my brows with a orange tint to them.

There's been two stand out make-up brushes that I have adored this month, the first being a very luxurious present from my best friend - the Chanel No.4 Blush brush. I've been using this on it's side to get a defined contour then turned it to blend the product out. Whilst it's obviously meant to be used for blush, I much prefer using it this way, although it does make my blush products appear beautifully diffused on the skin also. 
The other is the C330 Blending crease brush from Crown Brushes. This is the best crease brush I have ever used, I love it 100x's more than my Mac 217, it's much softer and the finished product looks so much more professional.

My next favourites are recently purchased skin care items. The body shop never disappoint me when it comes to their skin care and I have been loving the Camomile silky cleansing oil as my night time cleanser. It provides a deep clean without stripping the skin of any moisture. It's so gentle on the skin. I've been pumping it onto my Primark face brush (sorry I threw away the packaging and I have absolutely no idea what it's actually called). Together they leave my skin looking clear, refreshed and glowy! The other body shop item is their Vitamin E Mist. Its a beautifully refreshing, rose scented skin pick me up in mist form. I spray this on after cleansing and before moisturiser. This can also be used as a make-up setting spray. 

I have been obsessed with my H&M white shirt. It's so light and airy that it can be worn even when it's a bit warmer, I love pairing this with a simple black tube skirt for a for more of a minimal look (see my Fashion Haul for pictures). I am also loving my new Zara Pink skirt. I've never owned anything like it, it's not fitted, it has more of a structure to it. With it covering most of my thighs, it's also the perfect length. I picked this up in their sale for £12.99 which I thought was a total steal!

Finally some random favourites. I recently got Netflix and I've been working my way through the most raved about programs to find one I love, it started with The Vampire Diaries but mushy love stories are definitely not my cup of tea. Orange is the new black is another program I found impossible to get into. However,  I've finally found one that I have not stopped watching - Gossip Girl. Holy Moly I am obsessed. I can't stop watching it! Let me be Serena Van Der Woodsen! Plus I find myself spotting all the places I've visited in New York, which brings back some nice memories.

My final favourite comes from another birthday present - My Muji Storage. I have a upcoming post about all the things I've got in there so keep your eyes peeled!

Hope everyones had a lovely July and an even better August!

Gossip girl

I'm sorry, I had to.

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