Crown Brush Haul

My eye brush collection consists of 2 MAC 217's and the real technique brushes, so I figured it was time I branched out to find some more.
I noticed Crown brushes have been raved about a few times over on instagram, so when browsing the website and saw how cheap the brushes were, I had to get some.

I did look at their face brushes but I wasn't really in need of any so stuck to picking up a few blending brushes. Mac 217's are fabulous at doing the initial blending, but I find that because their quite small they don't cover a big enough surface area so really get that diffused effect. 

C200 Deluxe Crease- £3.19. A large domed fluffy brush with brown hairs. I love this one for applying product into the crease, or to just use it clean to blend the edges. I am so impressed with how soft and non-spikey the hairs are.

C330 Blending Crease- £4.69. A black haired, tapered blending brush. This is the most incredible brush when it comes to getting that diffused finish. I use it last with my eye make-up to go over any edges and softly blend them away.

C441 Pro Blending Crease- £3.99. This looks like the older sister of the mac 217. Except the hairs are a lot softer on the skin, however the only difference with using bigger brushes is that they're a lot less precise when applying product. So I use the mac 217 to place the product and then this brush to blend.

BK41 White Taklon Square- £2.39. Ok so this isn't a blending brush, but I wanted a brush similar from mac for ages so I picked up this one for a fraction of the price. It's perfect for eye liner, eyebrows, contouring my nose etc. 

I am beyond impressed with the quality of these brushes and I'll definitely be making more purchases in the future. Also, I recieved 10% off because usually sites like that offer discount codes, so one google stop later and I'd found a code that worked. It's just a matter of looking around. 

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