What's In My Muji Storage


Yes, I'm that sad person who spends hours scrolling through peoples make-up storage pictures drooling at their make-up collections. There's something beyond satisfying looking at perfectly organised collections filled with the perfect balance of drugstore and high end.

I never thought I would be the type of person to get excited about receiving acrylic storage for my birthday, but here I am over two weeks later still just as happy looking at it as I was when I first opened it. It's so handy being able to keep the essentials in there, knowing I don't have to delve into the depths of my full make-up collection.

Of course, with it being clear, it involves a lot of organising and if i'm obsessive about anything it's definitely my storage and the way it looks on my drawers. After numerous changes, I've finally settled with a good selection of my most used make-up. (but no doubt that will change by next week)

This contains my face products. Unfortunately my foundation doesn't fit inside these drawers so it sits on top instead. I have 2 Concealers (Rimmel wake me up & Benefit industrial strength concealer). I then have a face powder (Rimmel stay matte), my favourite bronzer (Nars Laguna) and my favourite blush (MAC Warm Soul). I like to keep a good contour cream on hand (Illamasqua Cream Pigment- Hollow) as well as the best highlighter I've tried (Topshop GlowStick). I also keep a pot of Porefessional Primer and my most beautiful make-up product (Mac PearlMatte face powder - In for a treat) - this was limited edition from the baking beauties collection- my favourite Mac collection to date.

This is my drawer for all things eyes! I keep my Mac Quad containing my most used colours (All that glitters, Omega, Cranberry, Woodwinked) and my Mac pigment (Tan). As you can see I'm a big fan of the Maybeline colour tattoos (on and on bronze, pink gold, Beige-ing beauty, Metallic Pomegranate, light in purple) and I my favourite eyeshadow deserves a place in here (Topshop Wax & Wayne). It's essential to have a good eyeshadow primer and the best one is definitely the urban decay primer potion. Eyeshadow pencils are all the rage at the moment and I like to keep my favourites close by ( Nyx Jumbo eye pencils - Milk, Bronze, Dark Brown. No.7 Shade and define - Cool mink & Collection eye shadow pencil - Vanilla sky). Covergirl lash blast mascara and the eyeko skinny liner in navy are my staples. I also keep my brow products in here too (Benefit Gimmie Brow, Soap and Glory Brow archery- Love is blonde)

My final drawer, of course, belongs to my lip products. At the back I have a mini collection of lipliners ( Rimmel - Spice, Mac- Cherry, Essence- wish me a rose & Cute pink and Kiko- 610). Then at the front I have a selection of my favourite lipglosses and lipsticks that don't have a space on my lipstick holder (Lush- Bubbly, Topshop - Beehive, Bourjois -  Peach on the beach, Revlon Matte Balm - Elusive, Tanya Burr - Afternoon tea, Revlon Lipbutter - Pink Lemonade, Mac Dazzle Glass- Baby Sparks, Maybeline coloursensational Lipgloss - Exquisite Pink, Bourjois Rouge edition velvet - Ole Flamingo & Hot Pepper, Nyx Butter Glosses - cherry pie, eclair, apple strudel and Rimmel- in love with ginger)

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Kinder Bueno Milkshake

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All summer I crave all things milkshakes, smoothies and frappes. But a trip to a cafe every day can add up, so I took it upon myself to recreate my favourite milkshake ever - Kinder Bueno Milkshake!
Trust me this stuff is the bomb.com.

All you need is:
 - A glass
- A Straw
- A blender
- Kinder Bueno
- Milk
- Syrup (I used vanilla, but a hazelnut syrup would work so much better!)
- Vanilla ice cream
- Whipped cream for topping (Optional) 

1. Break up the kinder bueno and add it to the blender.
2. add 3-4 scoops of ice cream (depending on how ice creamy you like your milkshake)
3. Add the milk- about half the size of your glass.
4. pour in about 1-2 shots of syrup.
5. Blend together till smooth and lump free.
6. Pour into glass and add the whipped cream.
7. Enjoy.

Whilst it's not the healthiest of summer time choices, it sure is the tastiest. Let me know what you think leave me a comment on my instagram or tweet me!

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July Favourites 2014

so my birthday month is finally coming to an end. I've had such an amazing couple of weeks and I look forward to how the rest of the summer is going to plan out. 

Starting the favourites off with a few beauty bits and bobs. The first being the No.7 Shade and Define eyeshadow stick in the shade Cool Mink. I absolutely love how easy it is to wear this and how long lasting it is. I have a full review of it here.

In the same shopping trip I picked up the Soap and Glory Brow Archery in Love is Blonde and it's been gracing my eyebrows ever since. It lasts all day, especially in the heat wave we've been experiencing and it will definitely be a product I will continue to repurchase. Plus it's one of a very small amount of drugstore eyebrow products that isn't warm toned and it definitely doesn't leave my brows with a orange tint to them.

There's been two stand out make-up brushes that I have adored this month, the first being a very luxurious present from my best friend - the Chanel No.4 Blush brush. I've been using this on it's side to get a defined contour then turned it to blend the product out. Whilst it's obviously meant to be used for blush, I much prefer using it this way, although it does make my blush products appear beautifully diffused on the skin also. 
The other is the C330 Blending crease brush from Crown Brushes. This is the best crease brush I have ever used, I love it 100x's more than my Mac 217, it's much softer and the finished product looks so much more professional.

My next favourites are recently purchased skin care items. The body shop never disappoint me when it comes to their skin care and I have been loving the Camomile silky cleansing oil as my night time cleanser. It provides a deep clean without stripping the skin of any moisture. It's so gentle on the skin. I've been pumping it onto my Primark face brush (sorry I threw away the packaging and I have absolutely no idea what it's actually called). Together they leave my skin looking clear, refreshed and glowy! The other body shop item is their Vitamin E Mist. Its a beautifully refreshing, rose scented skin pick me up in mist form. I spray this on after cleansing and before moisturiser. This can also be used as a make-up setting spray. 

I have been obsessed with my H&M white shirt. It's so light and airy that it can be worn even when it's a bit warmer, I love pairing this with a simple black tube skirt for a for more of a minimal look (see my Fashion Haul for pictures). I am also loving my new Zara Pink skirt. I've never owned anything like it, it's not fitted, it has more of a structure to it. With it covering most of my thighs, it's also the perfect length. I picked this up in their sale for £12.99 which I thought was a total steal!

Finally some random favourites. I recently got Netflix and I've been working my way through the most raved about programs to find one I love, it started with The Vampire Diaries but mushy love stories are definitely not my cup of tea. Orange is the new black is another program I found impossible to get into. However,  I've finally found one that I have not stopped watching - Gossip Girl. Holy Moly I am obsessed. I can't stop watching it! Let me be Serena Van Der Woodsen! Plus I find myself spotting all the places I've visited in New York, which brings back some nice memories.

My final favourite comes from another birthday present - My Muji Storage. I have a upcoming post about all the things I've got in there so keep your eyes peeled!

Hope everyones had a lovely July and an even better August!

Gossip girl

I'm sorry, I had to.

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My Everyday Brow

I used to have a head of bright blonde curls, unfortunately whilst that has become a dark shade of blonde (naturally may I add)  my brows seemed to have remained just as fair. As you can imagine, dark hair and practially invisable brow hairs tends to look rather odd on my face so some form of shading and shaping is essential in my every day make-up routine.
I rely on eye brow pencils/pens to achieve my desired look. I used to swear by Omega (Mac) but I found that it wasn't as precise, I needed to ensure that my brows matched as closely as possible.
Like most other things on my body, my eyebrows are extremely odd. One of them is perfectly arched whilst the other just looks like a sad face, with no sign of an arch in sight. you know the saying is 'Brows are sisters not twins'? Well mine aren't even from the same species.

I start by brushing them through with the spooley from the Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Wiz and then go in with the pen end of the Soap and Glory Brow Archery to create my arch. Using tiny brush strokes I can mimic the look of natural brow hairs. This stuff lasts all day and it takes a good scrub to remove it in the evening, I dont like using this on the front end of the brow, I prefer that to look a lot softer. I then go in with the Brow wiz and outline the shape of my brow. The pencil is so tiny that I can get such a precise, soft line without making them look too caterpillar-esque. To then fill in the rest of the brow I use the waxy crayon end of the Soap and Glory Brow Archery. 

Soap and Glory Brow Archery

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

If I want a really bold statement brow I will then outline the brow using a light concealer as well as setting them in place with my trust Benefit Gimmie Brow.

I'm desperate to try the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, so links to in depth reviews would be grately appreciated!

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No.7 Stay Perfect Shade and Define - Cool Mink

Everyone and their mother has been talking about eye shadow pencils and most brands have hopped onto the By Terry Ombre Blackstar band wagon by creating their own versions. Whilst of course not every one is willing to spend nearly £30 on an eye shadow, a little bit of drugstore hunting can send you to some cracking dupes. 

No.7 have recently launched their new shade an define eye shadow pencils and they are amazing. They have a beautiful selection of colours but I went for the shade Cool Mink- an absolutely stunning taupe. It's so creamy and glides over the lid without tugging, but you do have to blend fast because once this sets it isn't budging. Also note that if you leave the lid off for 10 minutes then the top layer dries up and you have to scrape it off - not fun.  It can be worn along the lash line for a bit of definition but I've been wearing it all over the lid on its own and blending it out, it's the type of product that makes you look as if you've put a tonne of effort into your eye make-up when really you haven't. 

You can buy it here.

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Essence - First Impressions

Essence coming to the UK has been buzzing around blogs for quite a while now and when they were said to be sold in certain Wilkos I never thought it would be one near me. However, to my surprise, I discovered a fresh new stand in my local Wilkos and picked up a few products to try for myself.

The products are so cheap but didn't look the slightest bit tacky. At the moment I've got a thing for lip liners (desperately trying to nail the Kylie Jenner look) so seeing as they were only £1 I got the shades 07 Cute Pink and 12 Wish Me A Rose. Cute Pink pretty much sums up the shade of this lip liner, its a 'your lips but better' shade with a hint more pinky tones running through it. Wish Me A Rose is much lighter, for that English Rose look. The formula of these is very creamy and not overly drying so can be worn all over the lips as well. The finish is matte too, which I love as I'm really not a fan of glossy/shimmery lip liners.

As the products were on 3 for 2, the other product I purchased was a Lipstick in the shade 01 Coral Calling. It's a beautiful coral, its a beautiful every day summery shade. It's a matte finish but not drying and has fairly good pigmentation. I'm very impressed with the quality and the packaging of it for £2.30 and I will hopefully be going back to pick up a few more shades.

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OOTN - Sheffield

Unfortunately the lighting in Premier Inn rooms is completely shocking, not helpful when wanting to take good quality outfit and Make- up photos so apologies in advance. 

Make - up
Burberry illuminating primer
Nars sheer glow
Collection lasting perfection concealer
Rimmel stay Matte powder
Soap and Glory Brow archery
Mac Painterly paint pot
No.7 Shade and define - Cool Mink
Mac Satin taupe
Mac Omega
Topshop Eye Shadow - wax and wayne
Nyx Jumbo Eye :Pencil- Dark Brown
Natural Collection Water Guard Mascara
Nars Laguna
Illamasqua cream pigment - Hollow
Benefit Coralista
Mac Dazzle Glass- Baby sparks
Topshop glowstick

Top- New Look
Skirt- New Look
Shoes- Matalan
Bag- Primark
Rings- Pandora and Accesorize

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What's In My Make-up Bag - Travel

By the time you'll be reading this I will be relaxing on a sunny beach in Spain drinking cocktails... Just kidding. I'll be either sleeping or nursing a hangover in not so sunny Sheffield. I'm spending a couple of days up north being treated to the night life of Sheffield by my sister. 

But a trip away means condensing essential make-up items into a pretty bag - a task that always seems pretty challenging. Never the less, I've done it (kind of) and packed only products I genuinely wouldn't be able to live without.

Make-up bag- Cath Kidston

- Burberry Nude Radience Luminous Fluid Base -  no.1
- Nars Sheer Glow Foundation -  Mont Blanc
- Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer -  1
- Wake Me Up Concealer (I'm definitely going to need this) - Ivory
- Soap and Glory One Heck Of A Blot 
- Nars Bronzer - Laguna
- Soap and Glory Brow Archery - Love Is Blonde
- Mac Mineralised Blush - Warm Soul
- Topshop Glow Stick
- Mac - Shade Paint Pot
- No.7 Shade and Define Stick - Cool Mink
- Mac Palette - ( see my mac shadow collection post here)
- Topshop Eye Shadow - Wax & Wayne
- Mac Pigment - Tan
- L'oreal Super Liner - Intense Black
- Natural Collection Water Guard Mascara - Black
- Mac Lipsticks-  Patisserie, Ruby Woo, Rebel
- Mac Dazzle Glass -  Baby Sparks
- Nyx ButterGloss -  Eclair

I'll never use this many products but I have this mind set where I'm packing and I'll be all 'I might need this' which means I over pack every time!

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Fashion Haul

Make-up > Fashion. When out shopping I'd rather spend all my money on make-up than trail through clothes shops and go through the stress of trying stuff on and absolutely hating what I see in my reflection. My obsession of make-up has definitely stemmed from a complete lack of body confidence, but it's left me with little - no clothes in my wardrobe increasing my insecurity. A whole new wardrobe re-vamp was in order and this time I was determined to feel good about myself again.

Although I got off to a shakey start in Primark (almost tears in the changing rooms) I ended up bumping into the beautiful Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter who kindly let me have a picture with her (its on my instagram). I am a massive fan of both her blog and her YouTube and she is definitely a huge inspiration! 

I live in black jeans so the aim of the shopping trip was to get me out of them and I think I succeeded. 

Dress- H&M, Necklace- Forever 21

Skirt- Primark, Top- Primark, Sandals- Primark 

Shirt- H&M, Skirt- H&M, Bag- Primark

Top- Primark (Also purchased it in black)

Dress- H&M

Skirt- New Look, Top- New Look

Shirt- H&M, Necklace- Primark, Bag-Primark, Jeans- Topshop (Jamie)

Bag- Primark

Bag- Primark

Necklace- Primark

Floral Crown- Primark

However, no shopping trip is not complete without a few beauty bits and bobs.

I picked up the brow archery from soap and glory after searching for it high and low. Literally every boots I've been into they've completely sold out but I finally found it and it was the last one left!
I also purchased the eyeshadow pencil in the shade cool mink from No.7, it's one of those 'I knew I needed it as soon as I swatched it' kinda purchase. It's such an effortless product and really brings out the grey tones in my eyes.

TK Maxx have really been hitting the mark when it comes to their beauty sections recently. I picked up this Burberry fresh glow nude radiance base/primer for £19.99 when it retails for £34! It's basically a healthy glow in a bottle, perfect for bringing life back to your skin. I then purchased the eyelure 116 because I have been trying to get my hands on some for ages, but much like the brow archery, it's been sold out everywhere.
I also noticed that TK Maxx were selling physicians formula products, definitely looking forward to seeing what other brands they will bring into their beauty range.

I had such a lovely day and my wardrobe now looks somewhat acceptable!

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Easy Pretty Updo

If I'm totally honest, I didn't come up with this hair style myself. My best friend kitty showed me how to do it last year and I've worn it to work ever since (go check out her instagram @helloitskittyd

It's ridiculously easy, requires minimal tools and hair know how, but it also keeps your hair out of your face whether it's for work, exercise or just day to day activities. The best part about it is that it looks as if you've put a tonne of time and effort into it when you really haven't.

you could make this updo more interesting by adding accessories such as a sparkly head band or pretty bobby pins.

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What I Got For My Birthday 2014

Some of you may or may not know that I celebrated my 18th birthday on Friday. It was such a lovely day spent preparing for a family gathering in the evening and a massive thank you to my mum for putting everything together.

Disclaimer: this is no way bragging in any way. I'm beyond grateful for everything and I love seeing what people get whether it's a haul or birthday, so I thought I'd share mine with you. 

The main present this year was my camera. Hopefully, you've noticed the quality of my pictures have improved on Deliciously-Floral.co.uk as well as over on my Instagram (deliciously-floral) and that's all down to my Samsung MV900F. The best part about it is the fact the screen flips making it perfect for selfies but more importantly it makes filming a doddle. As well as all this, it also can connect to Wifi so I can email the pictures to myself directly from the camera. 

Next up was my Muji drawers from my sister Naomi. I have wanted these for the longest time. It now means that I can place all my every day essentials in an easy to reach place without having to rummage through my make-up collection every day, plus I love organising my make-up collection over and over again so seasonal rotations and switching products up when I'm testing them allows me to do that. 
Naomi also bought me a lipgloss/tint for lips or cheeks from Lush in the shade Bubbly. I have never tried anything from the lush make-up range and this colour is so unique yet absolutely gorgeous. It's like a pink stain with orange and even purple effect going through it. She then got me this weekly organiser from Emma Bridgewater for my blogging. I can plan my posts out for the week and stay on top of things and it's beyond cute. 
Finally, Naomi got me some jewellery from my favourite shop Forever 21. I am obsessed with this greany/turquoise theme and is a perfect way for someone who wears black most days (me) to incorporate some colour into an outfit. 

My Dad probably got me the most keepsake present this year- a picture album. It contained a tonne of my baby/childhood pictures and after flicking through it about a billion times I've decided I need to have my bright blonde hair back, but those hideous clothing choices can stay in the past.  

Of course with it being my 18th alcohol would have to come into it at some point. Except this is no ordinary vodka, oh no it's freshly cut grass flavour. I'll let you know over on my twitter what it tastes like when I pre-drink it in Sheffield. 

I then also received a personalised Emma Bridgewater mug. I already own a small Emma Bridgewater mug that I hand painted a couple of years ago, but I tend to drink hot chocolates and tea from the bigger ones so it's definitely going to get a lot of usage. Plus the actual design of it is bloody gorgeous. 

I'm already planning Kitty's presents for her birthday after the ones she got me. For starters card was flipping hilarious but inside the card was a DVD that she had made using so many old selfies/memories from my Facebook as well as all the screen grabs from SnapChat (toe face galore) and I genuinely don't think I've ever laughed so much in my life. She also got me some absolutely beautiful earrings from Pilgrim, they're so dainty and pretty and I haven't stopped wearing them. Finally, she handed me a very beautifully tied Chanel bag to which I proceeded to undo at a painfully slow pace through fear of ripping the Chanel tissue paper (It's the little things) I then unwrapped this gorgeous Chanel no.4 blush brush. As I've said in previous posts, make-up brushes are the key to get make-up to look it's best, there's something so luxurious applying my blush and bronzer with a this brush compared to any other. 

I was also very kindly given some beautifully scented Ted Baker body wash and moisturiser from Phoebe. I can't stop applying the moisturiser, it's sort of become a subconscious action and before I know it my skin is rehydrated and smelling beautiful about 15 times a day. As well as that, she also got me a a beautiful snood/scarf which, similarly to the jewellery, will add something cute and girly to my very black outfits.

Many of my family members also very kindly gave me money, which I has gone towards the reinvention of my wardrobe. A giant fashion Haul will be up soon!

I have loved every second of my birthday this year and a massive thank you for everyone who wished me happy birthday!

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