My Experience- Crest 3D WhiteStrips (Before & After)

It's amazing what a good set of pearly whites can do to your confidence. I used to be a coffee/tea addict with stained teeth and for ages I'd been trying every flipping whitening tooth paste under the sun to counteract the damage, but nothing ever worked. I remember the lads at school would call this one girl 'colgate' for her yellow teeth and I became self conscious and paranoid that that would be what people thought of me.

I'd heard a ton of good things about Crest 3D White Strips and have been desperate to try them out for ages. However, one of my biggest fears is the thought of my teeth falling out and I was very skeptical about the white strips causing lasting damage to the enamel and would make my already sensitive teeth 10x worse. But after watching a billion YouTubers and bloggers talk about their success with them, I bit the bullet and bought them.

I'll start with the cons as there isn't many of them. The first is the taste of the strips themselves. For the whole 30 minutes they are on my teeth I couldn't swallow because every time I did, I gagged. They were vile. But with my #NoPainNoGain motto, I pushed through it, it's worth it for good teeth right?
I haven't experienced any extra sensitivity and the only aching I had was about 6 hours after the first use and I haven't felt that since.

I was too excited to try them when they first arrived and forgot to take a picture of my teeth before, so I took it after the first lot which didn't really make much of a difference, but most reviews said the difference can usually be seen by the third usage- which it can. I have been so happy with the results, I now find every excuse I can to smile. I do miss my coffee so I'm compensating with iced coffee because I can drink it through a straw, but other than that I'm pretty darn chuffed. 

Top = Before, Bottom = after 10 day treatment (20 strips)

Apologies for the different lighting in the bottom picture, I couldn't seem to get it right.

I used them once a day for 30 minutes on the first 6 days and then got impatient and applied one set in the morning and one set in the evening for the remaining days. 

I would 100% recommend them to everyone!  Here's a link to the buyer I bought them from, they were very efficient and they were delivered to me within 2 days of purchasing! 

Liv | Deliciously-Floral 

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