Disappointing Products

I try not to be such a negative ninny, but when a product doesn't work for me it's hard not to. The amount of times I've gone out to buy a product after a rave review and been thoroughly disappointed. Whether it's the formula, colour or the fact it just doesn't do the job it's supposed to, it's all just a bit of a pain in the arse. 
First up is a foundation that's receiving lots of rave reviews at the moment; the Loreal True Match foundation. I found that it lasted about 30 seconds on the skin before moving around my face, I found it oxidised and worst of all, it clung to dry patches I didn't even know I had. Perhaps it's just my skin or I picked up a faulty one, either way i'm not a fan.

Another foundation I absolutely hated was the Rimmel Wake Me up. All I'm going to say is unless you love looking like you've been dipped in shimmer, avoid this foundation like the plague!

My next disappointment is quite a controversial one, the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. So many people use this and love it, but I have to say I don't think it's worth the hype. It kept shine at bay for the first 10 minutes and I've also noticed that unless you have a really light hand, or a duo fiber brush, this can leave your skin looking very powdery and cakey. attractive. There's plenty of better powders out there.

I don't usually have lots of disappointments from high end brands, as you tend to pay for the quality. However, there are a couple that I really regret buying. Mainly from one brand, Benefit. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with them, I love their Gimmie Brow and their boxed blushes but their tints are really nothing special. I own the mini versions of Cha Cha Tint and Posie Tint. No matter how many times I have tried, these are impossible to work with on the cheeks, if I dab it on with the brush then I'm left with dots on my face no matter how much I try and blend it away. They can also be used on the lips, but they're beyond drying! Thank god I didn't pay for the full sized versions. I'm also not a fan of their industrial strength concealer (Bo-ing!). It's advertised as being full coverage and, unless you plaster it on, it doesn't cover a thing. The collection lasting perfection is a fraction of the price yet 10x the quality. 

Ah micellar waters, the holy grail of all make-up removers, unless of course, you're like me and suffer with very sensitive skin and eyes. I'm only bitter about them because they do such a good job at removing make-up yet I can only use them if I want my eyes to swell up. 

For the price of the MUA Undressed and Undress me too palette, I wasn't expecting much quality wise, which is a good job and all really because they suck. If all the shades were shimmery, then it would be fine pigmentation wise. But the matte shades are an absolute nightmare to blend, have little to no pigmentation and the fall out is dreadful. I think you'd just be better saving up for something better. 

Ok, rant over.

Liv | Deliciously-Floral

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