What's In My Bag

I'm the type of person who buys a handbag once in a blue moon and uses it for everything until it falls apart. At the moment, i'm obsessed with this Primark bag that is almost identical to the zara office city bag, which I wanted for ages but I can't bring myself to spend loads on a handbag (yet I can spend loads on make-up, logic).
Prior to this post I had a little clear out and let me tell you it was not pretty. But with the spring clean done, I thought I'd share with you all the things I can't live without in my bag.

First is my purse, for obvious reasons really. It's from a Cath Kidston outlet factory store thingy (got it for a reduced price basically) and I don't think the design is available anymore. But it's so well made and with their 'wipe clean' oil cloth making it perfect for someone as messy as me.
Next is my diary. I'd love to tell you that it keeps me organised, but I'd be lying. I like to pretend I am by carrying this but I only really use the paper for chewing gum if there's no bin around and for writing wish lists if my phones died. I carry pens around with me for the same reason. 
I always carry round some sort of food and drink. At the moment I've got an obsession with peach and mango coconut water. Whilst plain coconut water is vile, this flavor is so delicious, hydrating and refreshing. As I was drinking something particularly healthy hopefully you can let me off for having some chocolate in there as my 'snack' ready for my next fix.
As far as gadgets go,  I carry round my phone and my iPod. My phone battery dies so quickly so I bring my iPod along with me so I can block out the sounds of screaming children, teachers etc. My phone case is from eBay.
I'm basically blind as a bat, so i'd be pretty useless without my glasses. If they're not on my face, they're in my bag along with my sunglasses (only in the summer). 

This little make-up bag comes with me everywhere and I never take anything out of it. It contains my favourite blotting powder by Soap and Glory, my Travelo which contains my favourite perfume (which might or might not be 1D), my retractable powder brush by Real Techniques, Collection lasting perfection concealer, Smints and my Compeed blister plasters because regular plasters just don't cut it. Ok, I lied, the only thing I change in this bag is the lip product as it all depends on what i'm wearing that day.

The last two things in my bag are a lip balm and my keys. 
Obviously when I use it for sixth form it contains books etc. as well as all this. Thankfully it has a shoulder strap for when it gets a bit much for my weedy arms.

I wonder how long it will stay this organised...

Liv xo

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