My MAC eyeshadow collection

MAC eye shadows are by far the best I've ever tried. They're perfect to apply with their buttery like texture and immense pigmentation. Plus they have such a fantastic array of colours to choose from, making it almost impossible to walk past a counter and not swatch almost every different colour all the way up your arm. However being £12.50 a pop (£10 for the pan on it's own), they're not the cheapest eye shadows on the market. But like all high end products, you're paying for quality and the quality of these make it worth every last penny. 

Top-Bottom- All That Glitters, Samoa Silk, Texture, Woodwinked, Cranberry, Omega, Copperplate and Satin Taupe

All That Glitters- A shimmery champagne shade that is perfect as a wash over the lid for everyday wear, or pared with more intense browns, for a bronzey smokey eye.
Samoa Silk- A matte light orange, sounds scary but compliments blue eyes beautifully.
Texture- A shimmery copper shade, another shade that makes blue eyes pop. Perfect in the crease and outer corner when paired with All That Glitters.
Woodwinked- A brown with gold shimmer running through it, can give a glossy effect if packed onto the lid. It's a very popular shade and with good reason, it is stunning!
Cranberry- A warm shimmery berry shade. Perfect if you're looking to add a bit of colour into a smokey eye. It's a shade that pushes me to go out of my comfort zone without being 'in your face'.
Omega- A matte ashy grey. A multi-tasking shade as it can be used in the eyebrow, crease and as a contour shade.
Copperplate- A slightly blue toned grey. Doesn't look particularly eye catching in the pan, but does wonders for us blue eyed gals, especially if you want to make them pop but aren't a fan of the copper trend.
Satin taupe- Exactly as the name suggests, its a shimmery taupe shade. This is stunning for both day and evening wear. Taupe smokey eyes look flattering on so many skin tones, you can't go wrong with it.

The majority of these eye shadows are depotted. The palette can be purchased from MAC for £14 for the casing and £6.50 for the insert. This enables you to create your own palette full of colours that you'll actually use instead of wasting money on a pre-made palette that you'll probably only use 2 or 3 shades from.
Also, if you happen to know of anyone or you are going America any time soon, I would recommend getting it from there, as I only payed $10(!) for both the insert and the casing. Why there is such a crazy price difference, I'll never know, sort it out MAC.

You can purchase MAC eye shadows here - link
Debenhams often do '10% off' on all health and beauty (including MAC), so keep your eyes pealed to grab them at a reduced price!

Hopefully I will fill this palette by the end of the year. Any colour recommendations would be much appreciated! Leave me a comment below (or send me a tweet @Olivia_DF ) telling me some of your favourite shades and I'll be sure to check them out.

Liv xo


  1. Really wanting to get my hands on Cranberry!

  2. I have woodwinked, it's gorgeous! You should try embark thats so lovely!