Sheffield Haul

I've got this very annoying yet satisfying habit of tripping, falling, inserting my card into the machine, typing in my pin and accidentally purchasing lots of items.
As soon as I go shopping with my sister, this habit seems to appear more frequently, which is all well and good for the shops but not so good for my bank account. Although, I must admit, this time was fairly controlled compared to previous trips, it definitely helps having a shopping list especially when it comes to beauty products. my weakness. It stops me from going wild in the likes of Superdrug and Boots.

So here's all the things i picked up whilst visiting my sister in Sheffield...


I'm in LOVE with skorts but everywhere I tried them on they always came up too big on me and smaller sizes weren't available. However I can always count on Primark to offer some gorgeous ones, at low prices in smaller sizes. They can be worn for both day and evening, perfect for this funny weather were having in England at the moment- it's not hot, but its not cold. It's just meh. Until it actually reaches summer, I'll be pairing these with a pair of sheer tights, I don't think people are ready to see my pale and pasty legs just yet.

I also picked up two plain white tank tops from Primark, purely because you can't have enough basics in your wardrobe.

After years of trying on white high top converse, uming and awing and then putting them back, I finally bought them. I can safely say I haven't stopped wearing them since. Definitely a purchase I should have made a long time ago, they go with everything and they're beyond comfy. I got mine from office and used my student discount card to receive 10% off, even better. You can get them here.


I'm quite proud with how small this category is. Firstly my sister was going to Spain this week and so wanted to achieve a faux glow for the first day. But both of us were a bit clueless as to what to get as most fake tans don't say how long they last (annoying) and we didn't research before hand. We ended up making two purchases, both of which were dreadful, smelt of biscuits and offered next to no tan. 

On a brighter note, I ticked off another MAC eye shadow purchase in the shade Satin Taupe. It's such a beautiful shimmery shade that can be washed over the lid for a pretty, sultry day time look or it can be intensified for a more smokey evening look. This was definitely another Tanya Burr influenced purchase.
isn't it ridiculously satisfying putting an new eye shadow into your MAC palette?

In Superdrug, there was an offer on the L'oreal stand, where you can buy an eye liner and the Miss Manga mascara together for only £10. I was in desperate need of a new eye liner, as I had an allergic reaction to my Rimmel one which left me with a red, sore, itchy line in the shape of an eyeliner wing, beautiful. So far I'm loving the L'oreal super liner, its got such a fine nib which means I can get a very precise line with it. I've already used one tube of the Miss Manga mascara up and I love it! 

Oh look another Tanya Burr influenced purchase, this being the Cupcake Lush fresh face mask. It smells good enough to eat, although I wouldn't recommend trying to taste it. It left my skin clean and fresh, this is probably my new favourite face mask from Lush.


As we're slowing fading into summer, sunglasses are essential. Primark are always the best place for a good pair for a complete bargain. Next are a cute pack of earrings. I hardly ever wear anything in my ears, so I thought I'd try and get myself back into it by picking up a pack of ridiculously cute ones, again from Primark. Usually they irritate my ears but I have no problems with these, yet. 
Finally I bought myself a re-usable cup from Starbucks, I'm forever taking tea/coffee/hot chocolate into school so this is so much more practical than lugging a mug around in my bag.

And that's everything! 
Have a lovely day/evening,

Liv xo

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