Ebay Haul

I've been wanted to get my hands on the Red Velvet Cupcake candle from Bath and Body works since i first smelt it in New York. But unfortunately the only sizes they did were the large 3 wick ones and I was too conscious of the baggage allowance, so didn't end up purchasing it. Anyways I'd found someone on Ebay selling it for just over £17 which was the cheapest I'd found it. Shortly after signing up to Ebay, they sent me an email with a £5 gift voucher if I spent over £10, perfect!... Except, me being me, I forgot to add the code before purchasing the candle and seeing as I still had this voucher, I decided to browse Ebay and found my self some nifty bargains.

After trailing through many beauty bloggers 'collections', I found myself adding the concealer palette to my basket first. Costing just over £3, I couldn't really say no. I've been using to it to experiment contour and highlighting with concealer, however all the shades are very orangey, so would probably work better when I have a tan. Overall I'm quite impressed, the quality of the concealer is very creamy and very pigmented! You can purchase it here 

Next were some eyelashes. At about the time I made the purchase, I'd started getting into wearing natural eyelashes everyday to give myself some added length and volume. These hand made eyelashes looked the perfect style and for just over a £1 for 10 pairs, I thought I'd give them ago. I ended up buying two packs as there was nothing else I could find on Ebay to make it up to £10. But it wasn't a waste as these were exactly what I was looking for. You can purchase these here

I also couldn't resist picking up another sampler of the Yankee candle in Salted Caramel. This was part of their Christmas collection, however by the time I'd got a chance to go out and buy the bigger candles, they had stopped selling them. This is by far my favourite Yankee candle scent, it is so strong it left me and my clothes smelling of it when ever I'd burnt it meaning I could enjoy the fragrance where ever I went. You can purchase it here

The final thing I purchased was a Travelo, a super cute tiny devise that allows you to carry your favourite scent with you where ever you go, for top ups throughout the day, without having to lug around the original perfume bottle. From places like The Perfume Shop etc, they cost around £6, whereas from Hong Kong this only costs just over a £1. You can purchase it here

I payed just over £5 for all of these items (excluding the B&BW candle) and I'm ridiculously happy with all of them and the time they took to arrive.
I can see there being many more Ebay purchases in the future.

Liv xo


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