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Welcome to deliciously-floral, where i will be posting all things beauty, fashion and food! Seeing as this is my first ever blog post, I decided to do the 'Get To Know Me' tag where i answer beauty related questions about myself. I haven't actually been tagged by anyone personally, but who cares?!

Get To Know Me!

1)  Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
 Curly, unfortunately. It's actually a nightmare, I would do anything for perfectly sleek straight hair

2) Do you dye it yourself or go to the salon?

I've never dyed my hair but if I did I would definitely go to the salon, knowing my luck I would end up completely ruining my hair if I did it myself

3) Do you wear the same style everyday or do you change it?

I try to change it as much as possible, although I still have some trusty styles I go back to in case of emergency

4) Do you do your own madi/pedi or go to a salon?

I do my own, somehow I always end up chipping it 30 seconds after painting it so I'd rather not think I have just wasted money and time chipping it after someone else has done it

5) How often do you change your nail polish?

About twice a week, I work Wednesdays and Sundays and I'm not allowed to have my nails painted so i tend to paint it in between those shifts, if I can be bothered. Currently obsessed with pastel shades like essie's Fiji.

6) Do you polish your toes just as much in winter or just in summer?

I've got a habit of neglecting my feet in winter, I'm too lazy 

7) How long does it take you to do your make-up?

Depends. Bad skin day - about 30 mins. Good skin day- about 15mins. It also depends on the look I'm doing, for example a more complex look means more time in front of the mirror. But its my favorite thing to do so I don't mind having to get ready that bit earlier

8) What do you do first, face or eyes?

My face, starting with my Smashbox primer, then my M.A.C face and body foundation. I then move on to the eyes and then come back to the face later on.

9) Do you collect make-up or do you just buy what you need and when you need it?

i think its probably the first but when I go to buy it I tell myself I need it so I don't feel as guilty, woops

10) How often do you wear false eyelashes?

Not very often at all, my eyes are super sensitive so if I wear eyelashes for a long period of time the glue makes my eyes react and swell up, not pretty. 

11) Do you do a full face of make-up everyday?

At the moment yes, I'm going through a phase. When my skins not as bad I prefer to embrace a more natural look, but at the moment I'm having to do everything possible as a distraction.

12) Do you wear make-up when you're home alone or with your family?

Nope, I tend to just wack out the sudocreme and allow my skin to breathe. It's probably the only time I don't feel self conscious.

13) Would you leave the house without make-up on?

Only in an emergency and I had no time to conceal and throw on some mascara.

14) How many high-end products do you own?

A few. Some people like buying expensive clothes, shoes, handbags etc, I like make-up. But I try not to go too crazy, probably once a month I treat myself or if its my birthday or Christmas.

15) Do you plan your OOTD every night or when you're getting dressed?

When I'm getting dressed, it's usually a huge stress and so many clothes end up being thrown on the floor and there's tears and tantrums (just kidding) before throwing on a top and jeans. I then spend the day hoping my make-up makes up for lack of exciting clothing choices. 

16) How often do you change your handbag?

Not very often. I'm currently loving my primark dupe of the Zara office city bag, it goes with everything which means I hardly ever have to change it. 

17) What time do you wake up and go to sleep?

During the school term I set my alarm for 6:18am and force myself to wake up, but then I just sit in bed for about 10-20 mins to fully wake up. I aim to go to sleep before 11pm other wise i'll be a moody zombie for all my lessons.
but if it's the holidays I usually don't sleep until 1-2am and  get up at 11am-12pm

18) Left-handed or right-handed?


19) How tall are you?

I have absolutely no idea, I stopped caring about my height when I was tall enough to go on the roller coasters at Alton towers, woo!

20) Do you speak any foreign languages?

I learnt German at school and did French for a year but I'm not fluent in anything which sucks.

21) How many pets do you have?

None. As soon as I have my own place I'm definitely going to pursue my dream of being a crazy cat lady, i'm halfway there i just need some cats.

22) Do you keep a list of products you see on other blogs?

yes, especially if they appeal to my skin type/tone etc and are within my budget. Definitely comes in handy when people are asking you what you want for birthdays/Christmas because somehow I always forget.

23) How did you come up with your blog name?

I love food and flowers plus every other name I came up with was taken, bummer.

24) Favorite colour?

It changes with the seasons, in winter i'm all about the dark berry shades and black but as soon as it hits spring i'm obsessed with pastels. 

25) Do you swear?

yes, a lot. I need a swear box.

26) What are you doing with the rest of your day?

Going to make myself some lunch then head back to school to go to dance, then after school do some more dance then come home and sleep.

phew i'm glad that's over.

I hope this wasn't too long winded for you and I tag everyone, I'd love to hear more peoples responses to this tag.

have a lovely day,

Liv | deliciously-floral

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