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a last minute Halloween idea for the basic b*tch

Ah, first blog post back in a while and I'm using dodgy iPhone images. Stick with me, I promise they'll get better from here on out. I forgot to whip the camera out last night whilst taking pictures, I was too busy thinking about the cheesy Dorito crisp sandwich I was about to demolish (or two... and then the rest of the sharing bag of doritos - no regrets)

Anyway, Halloween is literally right around the corner and whilst most parties happened this weekend, there's still some celebrating to be had. This easy 'army' inspired look was curated in about 0.5 seconds on Saturday night in a last minute desperate attempt to find something remotely costume-esque from my wardrobe without having to spend a single penny. 

For this you'll need:
  • A body suit - or any black fitted top
  • A cameo bottoms - either a skirt OR trousers - they were on trend a little while back and I'm pretty sure everyone and their dog owned a pair.
  • A beret - again, everyone was wearing berets not to long ago, I got mine from Primark early this year. 
  • Black eye shadow - dip some fingers in and draw the lines and bobs your uncle.

For shoe wear you could go for anything. Military style boots are back in and are everywhere at the moment. I opted for these suede-tete over the knee boots from New Look. I bought them last Christmas in the sale and this is the first time they've ever been worn out. I must admit, I'm not the biggest fan - I had to stick them to my thighs with body tape to get them to stay up for longer than 5 minutes. 

I also added some scratches with blood to my neck to make it look a bit more 'halloween-ey'. For this I used a red lip pencil, then went over it with my Powerlips in Roar. 

I get that this isn't a dead ringer for an 'army' look, but I feel like with Halloween you can go one of two ways - go all out and spend a fortune or you can just pull a look together, slap on some face paint and get away with something that loosely resembles something. I tend to go for the latter. 

Happy Halloween my lovelies.


Olivia x


No make up look is complete without a swipe of mascara.

I am so fussy when it comes to what coats my lashes. It needs to be jet black, add volume and length and most importantly, last all day without imprinting on my eye lid. Is that too much to ask? surely not.

Benefit mascaras are usually a bit hit and miss. I love the finish I get with They're Real but the brush is a health hazard and it melts off so easily. Roller lash is also popular however, it just doesn't give my lashes enough ooomph. 

Then, as if the Benefit gods answered my prayers, Bad Gal Bang was launched. 

The brush is flexible and thin so it makes it:
1. easier to use without getting it all over your eyelids. Although, I must admit, I find that impossible. 
2. Less likely to blind you in the event of accidentally poking yourself in the eye. Also a common occurrence. 

OK, so lets talk formula. This is thick, jet black and coats every single lash. Everything my blonde lashes could want and more. It's slightly more wet than I usually prefer however, it makes it easier to build - which it does so well.

I should probably mention that I love a spidery lash. If it promises a 'natural' finish it can get in the bin.
This mascara does, very easily, verge into spider territory so if that's not your jam, step away from Bad Gal Bang.

That was brilliant, if I must say so myself.

Want to know the icing on the cake?

It. Lasts. All. Damn. Day!

No smudging, no budging. Yup, yes please, I'll take ten, thank you. 

If I had to force a con to this product, it would be that it's not waterproof and therefore doesn't hold a curl. So Benefit, if you're reading this, you know what to do. 

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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Last summer I think all I did was complain at how damaged my nails were. They were soft, peeling and generally not in the best of conditions. Unfortunately, this has never changed. My nails constantly peel and they have done for as long as I can remember.

I'd always wanted gel nails but I'd used my mums cheap home kit before and it just peeled off within the space of about 2 hours. It was the gel polish designed to not require a base/top coat, just two layers of gel, curing after each application. This style of gel polish just doesn't work for me, I need something stronger and harder, as my natural nails are so soft. This process really put me off going to pay for a manicure, just incase I received the same results.

In addition to all this, throughout summers gone, I was working around food and wasn't allowed anything on my nails but if you follow me on instagram, you'll know I recently got a new job that does allow it. Honestly, I could not be happier knowing I don't have to work around food! So I spotted the Sensationail Gel Kit on offer at ASDA and decided to treat myself.

The kit came with two shades (Pink Chiffon - a pastel pink nude and Rose Gold - a pink glitter), a top/base coat, primer, gel cleanser, lint free wipes, a nail buffer and cuticle pusher, as well as the UV Lamp. When I first read the instructions, it sounded like such a long winded process but it promised to last up to 14 days, so I figured it would be worth it.

Firstly you buff the nails and push back your cuticles. I don't know what it is about cuticle pushers but the whole process makes me feel funny. Then use the lint free wipes and cleansing gel to cleanse the nail bed. Next, you coat each nail with the primer and allow that to dry.
Then, when you're ready, apply a thin layer of base/top coat and cure it for 15 seconds (the lamp blinks so you don't have to time it yourself) then apply a thin layer of colour and cure it for 30 seconds (the lamp turns off at 30 seconds). Repeat the previous step and finish off with a thin layer of top coat, curing it for 15 seconds. To get rid of that sticky feeling, wipe the nail with the lint free wipe and the cleansing gel. et voila, you are done. Sounds like a faff but once you've got the hang of it, you can do it in 10 mins!

I have been so impressed with this kit, the colours last well on my nails. Usually regular nail polish chips within an hour of me wearing it, however the gel lasts a week+. The glitter shade is definitely more durable than the standard, apparently this is the case with all gel polishes. Some nail technicians recommend putting a coat of glitter over the top of nail colour to make them last longer.

My only issue with this kit is the gel cleanser and the primer. Both leak and after reading reviews on the sensationail website, it's a common occurrence. Surely if there's lots of complaints about something the brand would be actively finding ways to fix it? Also both bottles are so flimsy, they're easily knocked over. Again, another thing that's common from all the reviews. If you're clumsy, like me, you're going to end up spilling over half of the contents of each - be careful.

But all in all, it's been a winner for me. I've ordered three more shades and I'm trying a different brand of gel cleanser, something with a bottle that's not going to leak everywhere. I'll let you know what I think of it.

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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The Ultimate Palette For Blue Eyes

If you can look at this palette and hand on heart say it doesn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, then I think it's probably best we go our separate ways.

As soon as Kasie from Kasiebeauty.co.uk, who I evidently mention a lot round these parts, (her blog & instagram are definitely up there as firm favourite) popped this on her instagram it jumped straight to the top of my wishlist. Then, just like the universe had answered my prayers, cultbeauty.com were offering 20% off palettes.

I've never tried anything from Huda Beauty before. I'd heard mixed reviews about her shadows and foundations, however I've heard nothing but praise for these adorable mini palettes. The latest release being this stunning, summer-perfect, Coral Obsessions palette - or as I'd like it to be renamed 'The Ultimate Palette For Blue Eyes'. Catchy, I know.

The palette is perfect for traveling, it's petite with a decent sized mirror. Also despite being small the pans size is generous, I must admit I was worried about spending £20 for a tiny weeny palette but it's perfect.

OK so lets talk colours. It has two duo chrome, intense shimmers - one slightly rosier and one more orange. The rest are matte. This is ideal for me, I use matte shades all the time and tend to pair them with one shimmer per look, so having an abundance of shimmers isn't really necessary. The mattes are similar to the ABH ones, they're high pigment and easy to blend but the HB have waay less kick-back in the pan, so I don't feel like I'm wasting product.

To improve it I'd say all it needs is a highlight shade but I can use my highlighter that I use on my face, so I can survive without.

These beautiful coral, warm tones are beyond flattering on blue eyes and compliment a tan beautifully. The ideal summer holiday palette. I can't rave about it enough if I'm honest and I'm forever getting compliments when I wear it. 

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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Hello my lovelies, with summer right around the corner, I've recently picked up two new glow-getting products. Both dreamy highlighters bounce the light pretty much into space and are not to be under estimated.

The first being the Iconic illuminating drop and holy crap are these reflective. Mine is in the shade Original which is a stunning, warm champagne. The tiniest big goes such a long way and I can't imagine I'll be running out of this any time soon. The only downside is the price - it's £30 for the pot but I'd say it's worth every damn penny. So many brands have tried and failed to re-create it's luminosity that doesn't disappear when blended out. It also layers well underneath powder highlighters for that high impact finish. I love wearing this on my body, smothered across my shoulders and collar bones to make my Insta Glow tan really pop.

Then at the other end of the price spectrum we have the £2.50 Primark highlighter in the shade Brunch Club. Everything from the names to the packaging screams Kylie Jenner dupe because even hers looked tacky as hell. But looking past the excessively chunky cardboard packaging and at the actual highlighter, you'll be shook. This shade is a light gold shimmer that's beyond reflective. It does have tiny flecks of glitter but if you're using this then you're not really the sort that opts for subtlety when it comes to highlight. Layered on top of the Iconic drops I am seriously glowing to the gods. 

Pair it with a gorgeous summer tan and you've got a iconic glowy suns kissed look.
Not going on holiday this year? don't worry I've got just the tan for you

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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