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When In Doubt, Add Glitter

Ok so the festive season might be over and whilst you're sweeping up the confetti, tinsel and Christmas tree needles, you shouldn't ever pack away that glitter.

And whether you save it for special occasions or a glam queen and don the stuff every single day, you absolutely 100% need the Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye Shadows. They're a complete game changer, in my opinion.

The formula encapsulates a glitter, shimmery pigment and all things sparkly in a long wearing formula. So kiss goodbye to messy loose glitters, using glue to apply and getting the damn stuff everywhere. You simply swipe and go and if you've been following deliciously-floral for a while you know I a great fan of anything that requires minimal effort yet gives full impact.

Ok so my only bug bare is the hefty price tag. I absolutely love them but  come on £23 is a bit excessive Stila. I've heard that colour pop do very, very similar products so if any brits are willing to risk the customs charges then go ahead. I have the worse luck so I think I'll stick to collecting the Stila ones when ever there's discount codes and offers.

The finish is quite spectacular - see the shade Gold Goddess in action in my Festive Glam Make up video. I know Christmas is over but the make up is perfect for any occasion.

I own the shades Gold Goddess and beautiful true gold, Kitten Karma a rose gold with silver reflects and Sunset Cove a stunning baby pink/blue duo-chrome with gold glitter - such a unique shade. 

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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Teddy Bear

Instagram has been my main source of inspiration for a while. As much as I detested it when it first arrived, the Insta Stories feature is my absolute favourite. Especially with the shitty algorithm, it means I can still keep up to date with my fave people despite not getting to see their images on my feed. 

I spotted this Missguided Borg Biker Jacket on a few different bloggers and fell in love. I love the way @Chloeplumstead styles hers and when I spotted a 50% off coats and jackets moment I had to have it. 

After running a poll on instagram, I decided to keep the cream (vs the burgandy) and I'm obsessed. It's over sized fit layers beautifully over more fitted items and is unsurprisingly super warm and cosy. I have a size 10 so it's slightly over over-sized but you could size down if you wanted more of a fitted feel.

And I mean, who doesn't want to walk around looking like a teddy bear? 

I've styled it with a pair of Topshop Jamie Jeans (that I've loved to death and desperately need to replace), blue high neck thin knit from Primark and a baker boy style hat from Accessorise, finishing off with my New Look ankle boots. My backpack is from Fiorelli.

All in all, a cute cosy outfit to do a spot of last minute Christmas shopping.

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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2018 Goals

I'd like to start by saying Happy New Year everyone! 

As I've got older, I've started to appreciate the idea of having proper goals to aim for in the new year. It used to always be to gain weight (I was a scrawny child) and then to lose it (when my metabolism finally caught up to me).

However, the new year marks a new beginning, a new slate clean to do what ever we want with it. I'm half way through my year at university and so in less than two years time I'll be an official adult out of education and into the real world. Thats some scary shit right there. It's time I got myself out of childish habits and be prepared to work damn hard for what I want.

I don't see them as resolutions, they always seem to fizzle out by the second week of January. There more like long-term, achievable goals, ones I can look back on at the end of next year and be proud of.

1. Hit 400 Subscribers on my youtube channel.
I'd like to at least double what I have now. I intend to keep a regular upload schedule, planning videos out in advance. I'd like to play around with my content, try something new and not to be disheartened when it doesn't turn out like I visioned it first time around. I want to show a bit more personality on my channel and definitely try out vlogging a bit more.

2. Hit 400 followers on Bloglovin'.
In a similar boat to my youtube, I'd like to double what I have now. I'm thinking about changing my upload schedule again, posting on a Saturday seemed like a good idea but is proving to be less effective than a week day. Ideally I'd like to back to posting twice a week and I would love to include more fashion. My #fashionfridays series throughout the summer was very popular, so I'd like to keep an element of that in my content.

3. I was going to write a post regarding Instagram growth but with the algorithm basically fucking things up for everyone (thanks insta xo) it's pretty much impossible to have a good level of growth without paying for it. In an ideal world I'd like to hit 2,500, but seeing as it takes about 5 months to gain 100 followers it's pretty much impossible. But hey, maybe this year will be the year Instagram realises this algorithm is the biggest pile of shit known to social media and with put everything back in chronological order...

But I will continue to aim to post daily and keep regular insta story content going. I love posting stories, my page is pretty structured so the stories allow for a bit of personality/behind the scenes come through. I guess we'll just see what happens with this one.

4. Read more.
Blogs, books, magazines. This applies to both the blog and uni. I want to improve the quality of my writing and the best way to do this is to read, a lot. But I also want to make the most of my time at uni and be completely saturated with information, I mean I'm paying £9,000 a year so I might as well.

5. Get fit.
Ok so before you roll your eyes, I'm being serious. This course is so physically demanding it's important to stay on top form. I want to feel strong and look my best, so I can stand in front of the mirrors in the studios in a leotard and be happy with what I see as well as perform to the best of my ability. What I've been doing for the past year and a half is not enough and if I want to be taken seriously I need to do more.

6. Learn to cook.
This ties in with the last one. I mean, I can cook aka give me a recipe and I can follow it. However, I haven't been making the healthiest of choices this semester. It's the first time I've had to cook for myself as last year I was catered. However, I'm going to spend my time off over Christmas looking up quick and easy healthy dinner and lunch recipes and store them up. What you eat is just as, if not more important that the exercise so I need to be more aware of what I'm putting into my body and not just eating crap because it's convenient. Which will in turn make me feel better, clear my skin up and allow my body to work the best it possibly can.

7. Be nicer.
Tearing someone down doesn't bring you up, it just makes you a bitch and when you're going into an industry where all people are going to do is tear you down, you've got to find a way to rise above it. 

8. Be More Positive
I'm a bit of a pessimist. I struggle to look at the bright side of situations and I lack a lot of self belief. 2018 will be the year where I think positively and dive head first into challenges with a confident mind set but not get disheartened if it doesn't go my way.

Stop putting stuff off, procrastinating and saying 'oh, I'll do it later'. I mean I definitely, 100% say this every year, who knows maybe it'll be the year it actually sticks?

I think thats it in terms of long-term goals, I have lots of short-term ones that I plan on turning into a blog post monthly. I have a feeling that if I were actually to write them down and post them on the internet I've got more of a chance of actually completing them.

Here's to the new year! May it be filled with love, success and happiness. 

Positivity - check.

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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Jouer Best Of Lip Toppers

I've made it pretty clear before that the term 'Lip Topper' winds me up as I assumed they we're literally just sparkly lipglosses - nothing ground breaking there right? But I'm a sucker for anything sparkly and the Jouer Lip Toppers are exactly that. This Christmas they've launched a gift set including 5 minis of their lip toppers plus two limited edition ones.

I caved.

Well actually BeautyBay were doing 30% off and I literally could not say no. No seriously though, if you didn't buy anything from them on black Friday I applaud you.

There's no better way to test the hype than with minis of every single colour, am I right? Firstly, I wanted to take back everything I said (well mostly), they're not a lip gloss but nor are they actually lip colours. The Jouer Lip Toppers have a lightweight, almost dry oil consistency and are ram packed with glitter and shimmer, leaving the lips somewhat metallic (depending on how much product you apply). These products are your best friend if you have thin lips because the reflects make your lips look fuller and plumper! Oh and they smell of sweet vanilla, yes yes yes.

Despite being full of sparkle, the toppers are comfortable to wear and don't feel gritty or grainy like I was expecting. They feel hydrating and smooth, great for pairing with drier liquid lipsticks.

Out of this set, the colours that speak to me are Rose Gold and Skinny Dip and I have a feeling they will be the ones that get the most use. But I'm open to testing all of them and finding the best ways to wear them.

Absolutely perfect for this time of year and this set is ideal to gift to the glitter & beauty lover in your life.

If you'd like to see how I would wear these leave me a comment of which colours and I will film a video for my channel.

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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It's been a while, I know. Our first show is opening in two weeks and we're in full rehearsal mode and all I can think about is dark oohs and triple wing time steps. However, recently I've received the Roxanne Cambell Winter Collection and I needed to share it with you.

Firstly, if you're wondering who Roxanne Cambell is, she's a nail professional to countless A-listers and has worked backstage at many London and New York fashion weeks - so yeah, she knows her stuff. 

These polishes are a one coat wonder and dry quickly, perfect for busy-bodies or for the impatient (I am both). The formula is opaque and easy to apply too.

Let's talk shades. As soon as September hits I am packing all the summer pastels and hot fiery reds away and instead reaching for dark berries and neutrals. This collection features a rich burgundy, a deep purple and a soft grey, so it covers all bases. I have been wearing these on rotation since I received them.

The winter collection retails at £30. However, they can be purchased individually for £10 - an absolute steal for the quality. They can be purchased at www.roxannecambell.com

These would make a great Christmas present to the nail polish lover in your life. 

*PR sample however all opinions are my own.

Olivia | Deliciously-Floral

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